What’s This All About

Hello Folks,

So, here’s the deal.  I am sick of our political system, I don’t get too jazzed up at church, and any clubs and associations that I have joined, do little more than ask for money from their community to invest in activities that provide minimal value.  In general, I feel like the common person is in a silo, hoping to not got picked on.  What’s interesting is, we don’t seem to care, Americans sleep walk apathetically through their days.  Since we don’t feel the pain or the benefit, it’s easy to not to ask for accountability or responsibility. 

I’m not asking for revolution, I am asking that some of us start asking for accountability.  I am asking that some of us start doing something where the benefit extends beyond themselves and into their community. 

I feel like at the very least, we need some dialogue.  I hope this site can be a community of funny, interesting, and insightful people.  I will make sure that my blogs cover the spectrum, from good music, voting, mortality, to softball.  I hope the reader challenges me and the community.  I hope my friends write.  There’s so many good people out there, my friends in Red Bank, San Diego, Ithaca, Willow Grove, East Stroudsburg, etc.  I hope we can all join here and share our ideas.  We’re too valuable to be in silos around the country.

That’s it for now, I promise the next post won’t be as ambitious.


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