Rainy Day Women

It’s been raining all day and night.  A couple of years ago, it rained for almost a week straight.  Frenchtown got real flooded.  Instead of the creeks and streams flowing down into the river, the river would flow up the streams flooding all the homes nearby.  I remember seeing huge trees sailing down the river, they’d smash into the Frenchtown Bridge and you would hear thunderous cracking.  You don’t see any traces of that flood now.  All the houses have been built back up with a fresh coat of paint.  Some of them are for sale now, their prices are still hovering around $300,000. 

Here are some pictures of the flood:

One of my recommended restaurants, Thai Chili, on the left.  It’s been fixed up and it back to being beautiful.

This is Trenton Avenue (Route 29)

Here’s an old truck parked in a garage.  This house is right on the Delaware.

A street sign on a road that paralleled the river.

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