Winston Goes Fishin’

Hello Peeps,

Last weekend, I took Winston to the river for the first time.  We have a place on 12th Street that is absolutely beautiful.  There’s giant slats of rock that extend across the river, it’s perfectly smooth to walk on, so you can walk right out into the river with bare feet.  The fishing is pretty decent here too, I managed to catch a smallmouth bass on a twister tail with a jig head. 

Jaclyn spread out a towel and kept Winston busy while I fished, but when I came back, I gave Win some pointers on how to use the rod (see pics below).

If anyone’s interested, this is the perfect place for a bar-b-que and a cooler and a boom box.  We should get out to this spot before the summer ends. 

4 thoughts on “Winston Goes Fishin’

  1. So which one is you and which is Winston. I assumed that the guy with his shirt off was you, and they guy with the green shirt is Winston, seeing as the shirtless stud is holding the fishing rod, but I just can’t tell. There’s really no way that Rob has ever been photographed whilst not holding, stoking, grabbing, or faintly touching his own rod. Nice photo’s, wish I could was there. Peace, I’m out. Much love to my brown peeps!


  2. Glad you like the photos, I’ll keep it updated.  Winston looks like he’s got the Nature Boy blood line.  It won’t be long before he’s tromping through the river chasing salamanders and crayfish. 


  3. And the torch gets carried on. From this point forward I will address Winston as N.B. Grasshopper. Like a samurai, he will need to beat his master before earning the honor of true Nature Boyism. Good luck little Grasshopper, you have much to learn…


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