The vacation kicked into high gear after watching the show Cheaters.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Winston picking out his outfit

We headed to the 4-H fair, we got there in time to see the goats getting judged

Jaclyn’s favorite 4-H moment was the pig races

Petting zoo!

Winston reaches out to the goat

Winston drives us home

4 thoughts on “4-H

  1. I can bullshit on Winston driving home. 1st off, he’s to short and his feet can’t touch the floor. A similar problem to Matt or Eddie. 2nd, if you notice that in the picture before Winston is wearing a rugby shit, in the picture of him driving he’s wearing something different. Cropped!!!


  2. Remember, if you do the same act for 20, 30 years it gets a little boring unless you’ve got something else going for you… And the orchestra really kept you going. They’d laugh at all your jokes, even if they’d been hearing them for the last 30 years.


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