Birthday Girl!

It was my sister’s birthday yesterday.  Since I’m the greatest older brother ever, I took a lot of time and effort and put together a birthday text message for her.  I am sure the receipt of the text message made her birthday extra special.

My vacation is in full swing, I’m in my boxer shorts in the living room watching the show Cheaters on channel 17.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, a boyfriend or girlfriend suspect their significant other is cheating so they contact the show Cheaters to investigate.  The show’s climax is when they confront their significant other when they are caught in the act of cheating, it leads to some exciting confrontations.  If this show was already a huge service to the community, they go the extra mile and offer an online dating service too.  Frequent watchers of Cheaters are encouraged to log onto and meet local singles who also watch Cheaters.  My gut tells me that this site would be an ideal place for singles to meet.  If I didn’t meet Jaclyn at the fish market, I am sure I would have met her on that website.

Here’s a picture of the birthday girl, and apparently, she actually reads this blog, so make sure you wish her a happy birthday!

9 thoughts on “Birthday Girl!

  1. Did you have a birthday party? remember that Scene in Cacoon when they broke into the community pool at night and had that party?Hey Jewel, I wish you would have been wearing a bikini at that Senior Center bash. You still got them bombs?


  2. Young Katie, now is not the time to be celebrating such nonsense as another year gone by in life. You should be achieving and pursuing the finer things and establish yourself as a fine Lady and respectable Woman. That picture does nothing for your credibiity as such. Until next year fine lover, enjoy everyday like it is your own special celebration.Yours Truly.


  3. John why do you insist on still being called Higgins. The show ended 20 years ago! Its time to move on. You don’t see me walking around calling myself Thomas Magnum anymore do you?Your name is John Hillerman gosh darn it. Higgins was just a character. How many times do we have to go over this?


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