Beauty & the Beast

Well, this vacation has been incredibly busy.  Thursday we hit up the 4-H fair and documented it on my last entry.  On Friday, Jaclyn went to work and Winston and I hung around Frenchtown, we appropriately met Jaclyn at TGI Friday’s after she was done with work.  I had the Jack Daniels burger, thankfully, it didn’t taste anything like Jack Daniels. 

Early Saturday morning, Jaclyn went to Washington DC for a bridal shower and left me standing in the living room with Winston.  My vacation took a dramatic turn, instead of watching Super Bad, going to the bars, and fishing the river, I was confined to activities that entertained the little guy. 

This was me:

This was Jaclyn on her posh weekend retreat with the ladies (they made the male strippers hide in the closet for the picture):

After about 45 minutes of hanging out, Winston and I were in need of extra help.  I transported him to my parent’s house and the collective effort of 4 adults (my mom, dad, sister, and myself) were able to keep Winston about half as happy as he is with his mother.  I’ve always appreciated Jaclyn’s help with Winston, but after the past 4 days, she definitely deserves a lifetime of fabulous mother’s day gifts.

The Bulldogs had a softball practice on Sunday, I got a good feeling about us, I think we’re heading back to the championships this Fall.

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