Make Your Own Pizza Night

In another chapter packed with thrills and excitement, the Deem family held their second “Make Your Own” pizza night last night.  I have several burnt areas on the top of my mouth to show for it.  Jaclyn and her sister Laurie were really ambitious and decided to make the dough too, we learned some valuable lessons about the art of dough making, I’m trying to convince Jaclyn that we should invest our tax return into a brick fire oven.  Check out the picture below to see Winston helping out with the cooking.

In an effort to keep this blog somewhat entertaining and engaging I have purposely kept the conversation away from Fantasy Football, but I can’t help myself to slip this one time (and possibly two other times, I will explain in a moment).  Our draft is a week away and it is going to be a life changing experience.  It is not just a bunch of dudes sitting in a living rooms around a computer and eating chicken wings, this is a freaking event to end all events.  There will be drama, theme music, costumes, speeches, and god knows what else.  I will post my draft coverage on the site, I think you will find it amusing, even if you think we’re in the same category as kids who play Dungeons & Dragons.  My Fantasy Football team is Optimus Wang. 

One last thing, my office is really boring, I haven’t put anything on the walls and it really doesn’t have a theme.  Any suggestions on how I should decorate?

7 thoughts on “Make Your Own Pizza Night

  1. The one other time I will post about Fantasy Football is after the season and I am the proud recipient of the Dylan McKay Cup of Cool Trophy.


  2. The Lenape Valley Indians have hired a new coach this year. The hiring of the new coach has freed up time for the Owner/GM of the organization, Jay Matthews, to focus more time on the draft and internal runnings of the team and less time coaching the team. The new coach will be announced at the draft this Sunday, and actually will be making the 1st pick for the LVI…


  3. you should decorate your office with pictures of huge wangs to get yourself into the spirit of your fantasy football team. I hear Playgirl is full of them.


  4. look dad. i gotta tell you the truth. i hate hanging with you. 4H? please, lets go to the dog fights. fishing? i would rather go to double visions. come on man, you were young once! you may think its cute to bring me on these outings with you, but it bores me to all hell. let’s go to the jewel concert or something. at least shes go them bazookas.oh yeah, and your blog sucks.


  5. ahhhhh snap! looks like he showed you old man! Hey Dub, waddaya say we roll these smokes i gots and i’ll hit up DV witchya? the boys gots to learn sometime!


  6. You sick twisted Bastards. Do not talk on Winston’s behalf ever again! God, as if there weren’t enough of you f’ed up weirdos, you have to add another to your clan by creating some perverted sentiments on behalf of a little baby- my little baby. I swear- there is nothing more dangerous than a mama bear protecting her cubs, and i swear this grizzly will have your balls with my bare hands if you corrupt my son. At least wait until he is in high school- please.~Sincerely


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