Man of the Year

Well, the RKDeem Report already has a contender for the 2007 Man of the
Year Award.  Travis Henry, the Denver Broncos running back was recently
called into a Georgia courtroom to catch up on child support payments. 
Court and medical records indicate that Henry has fathered 9 children
with 9 different mothers across four states (he must have some damn
good pickup lines!).  I may try to draft him in the Fantasy Football
draft this year, if he’s that good at running from women and
responsibility, he should be pretty good at running with the football

The USA Today article where I pulled this information, goes on to say
that he has to pay one of the mothers $3,000 a month.  If you multiply
that by 9 mothers, he’s paying $27,000 a month for his kids, that is
insane.  He’s making millions of dollars and he’s flat broke.  Maybe
this is why we never see Matt Wood, I bet that crazy guy is
impregnating women and paying child support to numerous women.  Keep it
up Matt, maybe you can get the RKDeem Report Man of the Year Award in

4 thoughts on “Man of the Year

  1. Shit, I was running that scam when this chump was in middle school. When he collects welfare like I did, you come and find me. I’ll be easy to find, you know, since I’m dead and all.


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