Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

My blog’s notoriety is already paying dividends.  Yesterday afternoon, a faithful reader offered me a ticket to see the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs in concert.  I love the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs and especially their lead singer Karen O.  For those of you who don’t know Karen O, she makes Joan Jett look like Carry underwood, she makes the Sex Pistols look like Hanson, she makes Jay Matthews look like Jay Matthews.

I met the gentleman who was providing the concert ticket at his residence in Willow Grove, he has asked to be referred to as “The Edman”.  The Edman packed a nice cooler filled with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages so we could relax in the parking lot before the show and he could ask me questions about my blog and how I came to be such a prolific writer.  An hour later, we arrived at the parking lot outside the Electric Factory and the Edman realized he left the cooler at the parking lot of his residence in Willow Grove. 

The concert was spectacular.  The Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs played music from both of their albums and she went full throttle the entire time.  Stomping, screaming, jumping, and writhing, she was so full of emotion, it was like drinking from a fire hose.  I think my favorite performance was “A Date With the Night”. 

It was a great concert and I feel good knowing that I made one of my biggest fan’s dreams come true.

Madden 08

I only played one game last night, so my review isn’t very comprehensive.  I’m just going to list my first impressions.

The Good:

  1. The physics of players and their collisions are much improved.  The size of your player, the angle they are running, and how fast they are running will all contribute to what happens when players collide.  It is not a canned animation, it’s completely different every play.
  2. Running backs squeeze through small holes in your offensive line.  It was irritating before when your running back would run an off tackle and just run in place because the right tackle was gridlocked with a defender.  Now, your running back will hit the offensive tackle and push him forward or turn his body to fit through the small hole.  It makes short yardage running downs a lot more realistic and exciting.
  3. This game is deep.  This could be good or bad, I’m not sure, but the instruction book is much thicker and detailed then ever, in every situation you have buttons that do something different.  It’s no longer, dive, spin, and jump.  There’s 8 buttons for a receiver, there’s 8 buttons for a defensive tackle, there’s 8 buttons for a running back (including covering the ball), it’s really complicated.  Of course, you can just play with the basic buttons, but if you’re a super geek who puts his time in (which I want to become), you can separate yourself from the noobs.

The Bad:

  1. The announcer.  Holy smokes, this announcer is horrible.  It’s John Madden Football and he doesn’t offer any in-game commentary.  What you get is a no name radio announcer who is made to sound like he’s broadcasting through a radio.  It’s low fidelity and sounds like you’re listening to the game with a box on your head.  It sucks.  The graphics and gameplay are great and then you have to listen to the most horribly boring announcer, I will never buy a Madden game again until they change that announcer.
  2. No canned animations.  I love how the physics of the game determine the tackles and the fluid motion of the players, but every once and awhile, I want to see a close up zany animation.  I know we saw it a billion times, but who didn’t love the hi-five scene in Tecmo Bowl.  Bring back some canned animations to pump you up.  The reason they stopped doing this is because the internet updates the rosters so it’s hard to do a canned animation when the same player might get injured or traded.

I played one game last night, I was the Chargers, I played against the Patriots.  I won 34 to 20 (I blocked an extra point).  It was very difficult and I need to learn half the buttons.  Tom Brady was dominating, I couldn’t slow him or his offense down.  I liked the Chargers, but they play with a 3-4 defense that I’m not to fond of. 

Okay, this post is boring me now.  I will keep you posted as I train to be the greatest.

I’m Buying Madden Today & Office Hijinks

I’m buying Maddeon 08 for the Xbox 360 today.  My plan of action is to train for the balance of August and then take my game online and dominate the rest of the world in September.  I’m still deciding what team I should be, I’m attracted to the high power offenses of the Saints and the Colts, but they lack a real strong tight end, I believe that the tight end is crucial for success.  San Diego has a dominating tight end and a fabulous running back, but I’m not sold on their receivers.  I think the Eagles has a well balanced offense and defense, with a decent option at tight end.  Right now, I’m leaning towards the Chargers, Patriots, or Eagles.  I know these are all amazing teams, but when you’re facing the world, you have to compete with a great team, I’m no longer facing chumps like Jay Matthews and Mike Moosbrugger.

The Traffic Coordinator on my account at work left for vacation.  The team created a mythical battle between US soldiers and dinosaurs on her desk in her absence.  I took some photos.

Here’s a shot showing all the action

A closeup of the intense warfare

What’s that in the background?

Mount Minsi

In the attractions section of my website, I mention a hike up Mount Minsi.  It’s easy to get to and if you have some endurance, you shouldn’t have a problem getting to the top.  Here’s a couple of pics I took earlier this summer, Winston, Jaclyn and I all made the hike. 

Here’s Jaclyn at the half way point

Here’s Jack and Win at the top of the mountain

It Takes Some Skill

If you spend enough time in Frenchtown, you’re bound to see this hearse cruising the streets.  On the back, it says “A Ride To Die For” and out the side window, you can see a skeleton waving to pedestrians.  The guy who drives it, appears to be in his late teens or early twenties.  He entered his car in the Frenchtown car show.  His hair is died black and for the most part, he seems pretty normal with a sense of humor.  I’m all for a kid riding around in a hearse, but it must take some skill for him to pick up the babes.  From what I can tell, it’s his primary mode of transportation, so he must have some awkward conversations with his date’s father when he goes to pick her up and take her out to dinner. 

I guess there’s some morbid women out there who find it just as enjoyable as he does, but I am assuming they are few and far between. 

In the movie “Harold & Maude” the main character (Harold) is extremely rich but rejects that lifestyle and chooses to ride in a hearse instead of a jaguar.  Harold also ended up developing an intimate relationship with an elderly woman (with that kind of summary, I’m sure you’re all running out to rent it right now!). 

So trade in your Dodge Stratus and buy yourself a hearse, or maybe an ambulance, and just maybe, you’ll get yourself featured in my blog!

Softball Scandal

Without any warning, I received an e-mail from one of the Bulldogs most respected players (Tim O’Conner) notifying me of his intentions to leave the Bulldogs and start his own team.  It seems like an inevitability that he will take the fellow Bulldog players that honed their skills in the Tamanend farm system, Dan Vollrath and Joe Williams.   At the moment, this leaves the Bulldogs undermanned and as underdogs.  We have 1 month to recruit 3 suitable replacements.  Reporters have asked me repeatedly, “Deem, are you scared?  Can your team bounce back from this?  How will you get your team through this?”  To this I reply, I have not managed the Bulldogs to 4 championship games by accident.  I have not been nominated as an all-star in the coed and men’s league by accident.  I am a fighter and I will do all things necessary to pick us up from the ashes and turn us into a super power.  Lord help those Tamanend players if their team faces the Bulldogs, let’s just say our starting pitcher (Chris Matthews) might just throw a little inside!   You’ve put baby in a corner, and we all know, nobody puts Baby in a corner!

Cheap Music

Most of my friends already know this, but I wanted to pass along for anyone else who may be reading this.  If you want to download music legally (at least as far as I can tell) for pennies a song, go to .  This is apparently a Russian music site, designed in English and you can download any song you would find on iTunes and even some Beatles and Radiohead that you wouldn’t find on iTunes for pennies a song.  I think it’s cheap because of the exchange rate.  It’s a little more labor intensive then iTunes because you have to download the MP3s into a folder of your choosing and then add those folders into your iTunes collection, but you end up saving tons of money.  I’ve used the site for a couple of months and have had no issues.  I do have to pay 4 cents for every transaction I make, my bank charges me for making internation transactions. 

Leave me a comment if you have an issue.