1 Year Anniversary

I won the badminton tournament!  I did have the help of my little cousin Jack, this kid was tenacious and our team was flat out unstoppable.  Most of our competitors played side by side, but we had a system where he played up front and I played deep, this eliminated a lot of confusion over shuttlecocks going down the middle. 

The Bulldogs softball team lost another game.  I hope to update the team section of the website tonight.  I will update the player profiles once the new stats are posted.  Right now, I can think of some major changes in player grades.

The 1-Year anniversary was incredible.  We had an incredible meal at Hamilton’s Grill Room and enjoyed drinks at one of my recommended bars, The Boathouse.  I had a veal chop for the first time in my life, it was a huge piece of meat and it tasted damn good. 

I also beat San Diego Dave in Madden on his birthday.  He’s itching for a rematch. 

The great Jay Matthews got engaged and rumor is, someone took a picture of him asking himself to marry him. 

Some pictures:
The lovely couple revisiting the place they had their wedding reception

Jaclyn and Winston remembering the enchanted day

Me tearing it up in badminton!

Winston Flies!

Bonus Picture of Winston eating

Happy Birthday to San Diego Dave

Happy Birthday Dave!  My gift to you will be a brutal beating in Madden tonight.  Please post a comment and let us East Coasters know what a man does to celebrate his birthday in San Diego. 

This is a pretty busy weekend for me.  Saturday is a huge Deem family reunion at my parent’s house.  I am orchestrating a badminton tournament at the event and I plan to teach my cousins a serious lesson on how the game is played.  After the family gathering, Jack and I are heading out to the Hamilton Grill Room in Lambertville for our 1 year anniversary. 

Sunday, the Bulldogs try to right the ship.  We started the season off 0-3.  Coach Deem will have to give a motivating speech to get his team fired up. 

Things to Come

Quick notes for this morning:

I got beat pretty bad by Dave Seeton in Madden.  My pounding the ball into the gut played right into his hard blitzing strategy.  If I am going to beat him, I need to adopt to a more spread out offense and let’s face it, spread out offenses always end up being the way to go in football video games.  I am requesting a rematch against Dave, this time I will be the Detroit Lions.

Softball season is almost halfway over, I will update the player rankings once this Sunday’s stats are posted.  This is sure to cause some controversey. 

I am very surprised Pavarotti hasn’t posted a comment to this blog yet. 

Today I’m taking a long lunch to grab my 1-Year gifts, today is also my boss’ last day. 

Big Events

Every morning I wake up freezing cold.  I think it drops into the 50’s at night. 

On October 6th, Temple is playing their Homecoming game at Lincoln Financial field and I think Jaclyn and I are going to attend.  We’ll probably bring a football, the little grill, and if we’re feeling entrepreneurial, maybe we’ll sell some some nitrous.  Okay, we probably won’t sell nitrous, but everything else will be happening. 

Here’s the deal, it’s not going to be a good game.  Temple is a pretty bad football team, but they play on one of the nation’s nicest football fields.  Plus, it’s pretty cheap, you can get yourself some tickets for $10 to $15 and relax on a nice Fall day in an old sweatshirt. 

If anyone’s interested in going down and doing a little tailgating, let me know and we can pile into a car. 

I have begun work on our New Year’s Eve party invitations.  I am pretty excited, we’re definitely taking our party up a notch. 


Okay, I kind of screwed up. 

My first year anniversary of being married to Jaclyn is this Saturday.  I believe that I told her that I had the reservations taken care of for my favorite restaurant, The Black Bass.  Well I called them today to make the reservation and for whatever reason, the Black Bass is closed for 2 months and only serving weddings and private functions. 

I have also neglected to pick up a gift yet. 

Jaclyn’s a card person, so I better remember to get one of those too. 

I am so screwed.  I got to get a lot done before the end of the week. 

I’m Not A Loser

Well, it’s a rough day for Robert Deem.  The Eagles lost another easy game, my fantasy football team lost again, our softball team lost all three games so far this season, but there’s a beacon of hope on the horizon.  That beacon of hope is that tonight I am picking up a new headset for my Xbox and I’m going to play San Diego Dave.  Nothing dispels the feeling of being a loser like firing up your video game system and playing some Madden while talking trash over your headset (which looks a lot like the headset they wear at McDonald’s). 

Prediction:  I will play as the Chargers and Dave will play as the Eagles.  I will win 42-21.

Wedding in DC

I am paying the price for a great weekend.  Last night I got back from DC around 11PM and Winston greeted us like a screaming alarm clock from Hell at 5AM.  In the end, it was all worth it.

Friday, I headed down to DC with Jaclyn and Winston for a rehearsal dinner.  Jaclyn (Matron of Honor) and the bridesmaids needed to prep themselves for Krissy Hofmann’s big wedding.  She was marrying Don Brown who reminds me a lot of Dave Letterman.   Winston and I skipped the rehearsal, but took advantage of the free meal afterwards at Maggiano’s Little Italy. 

Saturday we attended the ceremony, the reception was in a beautiful barn, and then hit up a bar at a Holiday Inn.  Drinking after a wedding reception at a Holiday Inn bar spurred a lot of people singing poor renditions of Chingy’s hit song featuring Snoop Dawg, Holiday Inn.

Sunday,  Jack, Win, and I headed into DC to check out the sites, we met up with Jack’s parents.  We took a look at the new World War 2 Memorial and the Vietnam Wall.  Both sites were beautiful and solumn, but the Wall truly breaks you down.  The things left behind, a woman was crying as a park ranger climbed a ladder to rub a wax crayon over a loved one’s name, and little cards of people leaning against the wall that show pictures of soldiers who died this weekend over 30 years ago. 

It would show a picture of the guy goofing around in his early twenties, it said where he was from, when he died, and for age, it would say, “Forever 22 years old” or “Forever 24 years old” or however old they were when they died. 

After looking at the Memorials, we went to the Native American museum, it was a long day, and it was amazing how inexpensive it was to spend a whole day in DC. 

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. 

Winston partying with babes

The married couple

Me getting my dance on!

R2D2 Mailbox!

The Deem’s in DC (at the WW2 Memorial)

Bonus Picture – (look at Lauries face as she does a shot)