We Must Protect This House

Well, well, well…the Commissioner of the Fantasy Football league has released his preseason rankings.  I will admit, I made some bold selections in my draft.  Some of my cohorts in the league said I picked players too early, some said that I picked players who were unproven, some said that my team doesn’t have a chance.  The rankings have put my fantasy football team in dead last. 

To this I say, “We Must Protect This House!”  You can say whatever you want about my team, in fact, keep putting us down.  It will only make my victories that much sweeter.  You will see that taking Reggie Bush with the first pick was genius and starting Lamont Jordan was brilliant.  In the end, this might be the most prolific fantasy football championship…because no one even gave us a chance. 

6 thoughts on “We Must Protect This House

  1. This is my 1st time on this site and I don’t understand why you have a picture of Moose as a representative of your fantasy football team.


  2. Brian, that’s not Moose. But I can understand why you’d think is was. He does love wearing Underarmor, he does at times think he’s black, loves to show off the guns, and we can’t forget when that commercial came out how much he loved it.


  3. Why oh Why do you have to make fun of people? I used to be made fun of because of my nose. Don’t you think that hurts!! How would you like it!!! NOT VERY MUCH!!! And you say he’s your friend. Friends don’t let friends wear Under Armour!!!Wow, that could be the new slogan for The RKDeem Report! Oh forget it, my life stinks.


  4. Don’t do it Owen! You have so much more to live for than you give yourself credit for. Sure, you probably will never make a better movie than Zoolander, but when looking back your career and life, someone like Dustin Diamond will be infinitely jealous. Well, maybe not Dustin Diamond, but someone else for sure. Think about it!And yeah Matt, I always saw you at the Montgomery Mall, but made sure you didn’t see me. Suck it!


  5. What a fabulous array of charecters we have here. The Penecales, a Wilson, another Wilson, and Vanessa. Sweet Sweet Vanessa. How I long to give you a dutch oven. I eat a lot of carbs so you know it’s gonna be good. I LOVE ENGLISH MUFFINS!!!!


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