Wedding in DC

I am paying the price for a great weekend.  Last night I got back from DC around 11PM and Winston greeted us like a screaming alarm clock from Hell at 5AM.  In the end, it was all worth it.

Friday, I headed down to DC with Jaclyn and Winston for a rehearsal dinner.  Jaclyn (Matron of Honor) and the bridesmaids needed to prep themselves for Krissy Hofmann’s big wedding.  She was marrying Don Brown who reminds me a lot of Dave Letterman.   Winston and I skipped the rehearsal, but took advantage of the free meal afterwards at Maggiano’s Little Italy. 

Saturday we attended the ceremony, the reception was in a beautiful barn, and then hit up a bar at a Holiday Inn.  Drinking after a wedding reception at a Holiday Inn bar spurred a lot of people singing poor renditions of Chingy’s hit song featuring Snoop Dawg, Holiday Inn.

Sunday,  Jack, Win, and I headed into DC to check out the sites, we met up with Jack’s parents.  We took a look at the new World War 2 Memorial and the Vietnam Wall.  Both sites were beautiful and solumn, but the Wall truly breaks you down.  The things left behind, a woman was crying as a park ranger climbed a ladder to rub a wax crayon over a loved one’s name, and little cards of people leaning against the wall that show pictures of soldiers who died this weekend over 30 years ago. 

It would show a picture of the guy goofing around in his early twenties, it said where he was from, when he died, and for age, it would say, “Forever 22 years old” or “Forever 24 years old” or however old they were when they died. 

After looking at the Memorials, we went to the Native American museum, it was a long day, and it was amazing how inexpensive it was to spend a whole day in DC. 

Here’s some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. 

Winston partying with babes

The married couple

Me getting my dance on!

R2D2 Mailbox!

The Deem’s in DC (at the WW2 Memorial)

Bonus Picture – (look at Lauries face as she does a shot)

21 thoughts on “Wedding in DC

  1. Oooooh! That was very very insulting. Jewel you little gapped tooth hick, when the M Brothers get ahold of you we’re gonna take you out to a nice dinner then never call you again.”More so for rob then me”.–gay


  2. These comments are getting more and more obscene as time goes on. Its kind of like a wild duck coming up to grab a piece of bread from the palm of your hand. Its bravery building with each piece of bread. But rest assured that soon enough rob, your blog comment will resemble lake galena where you will drop a little blog post, and the ducks will start attacking your ankles till you drop!I also wanted to let Krissy know that I never received my invitation. It must have gotten lost in the mail…


  3. Hi Robert! This is your favoritest friend-in-law, Melissa. Anyways, your website is funny! I would like to point out that (1) Dawg is spelled Dogg (come on, you could at least get the double g right!); and (2) I am taking my shot like a champ. Do you think you could send me your weekend pics when you get a chance? Thanks and come to S’ton!


  4. no insult, the car just wasnt close enough to see clearly right away and frankly its been quite some time since Ive seen you both other than pics…I am a hick, I moved back into my car. I couldnt stand Montana any longer.


  5. Take me like a champ? Damn. You were beggin me to spill before I reached your mouth. I bet I tasted even better coming up about 2 hours later. Weak!


  6. Hey Guys. Glad you could make it this weekend. You don’t know the real me so… Here is my Top 10 Reasons to NOT read Rob Deem’s blog.#10 – Not enough profanity!#9 – Dave can’t write comments because they don’t have the internet in San Diego!#8 – You can’t hear the melodic tunes of Paul Shaffer and the Late Show Band.#7 – Oprah#6 – Uma#5 – You say Tomato I say Tomato. You say Chingy I say Snoop Dogg. #4 – OJ owns this blog, not Rob Deem.#3 – Oh, about your Labor Day Weekend blog, you should have gone to work.#2 – I’d rather make my own Chia Pet than read about Rob Making his own Pizza.And the #1 reason NOT to read Rob Deem’s blog…Rob illegally videotapes his opponents blogs!!!!!


  7. Hi this is the real Eddie. I was wondering who jewll27 is? I thought it was Jackie but I’m not sure. I think people are getting jew1127 mixed up with Jewel the singer. Can we please get some clarification on this?


  8. Oh, well can you change the name you use because Jewel the singer posts here and she is much more important than you. I wouldn’t want people to be confused. Thanks.


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