Okay, I kind of screwed up. 

My first year anniversary of being married to Jaclyn is this Saturday.  I believe that I told her that I had the reservations taken care of for my favorite restaurant, The Black Bass.  Well I called them today to make the reservation and for whatever reason, the Black Bass is closed for 2 months and only serving weddings and private functions. 

I have also neglected to pick up a gift yet. 

Jaclyn’s a card person, so I better remember to get one of those too. 

I am so screwed.  I got to get a lot done before the end of the week. 

15 thoughts on “Aw-Nah

  1. Update:We’re going to the Hamilton Grille Room. I’m not sure if there’s an e after Grill, but I’m just feeling the flow. It’s a BYOB, any wine suggestions?


  2. I just googled Veuve clicuot and it’s $90 a bottle. This mystery person has some expensive tastes. It is a celebration though and it’s about what a good bottle of wine would cost at a restaurant, so maybe we’ll splurge. Although, I doubt the two of us are discerning enough to justify the expense. We always get the Moet White Star and that seems to be pretty tasty too.


  3. Ed, that was very inapropriate. On behalf of Ed I would like to apologize for his comment. I would like to suggest a nice glass of my butt. Thank you.


  4. Robert, go for the VC Brut Yellow label. It is the best value for your money. I used to get it at Costco in Va for like $39. Do they sell alcohol in Costco in NJ?


  5. I don’t think they sell alcohol at Costco’s here in Jersey. We have big discount liquor stores though. I think we’ll check out the VC Brut Yellow Label. I can’t wait to have some bubbly and walk around Lambertville/New Hope on a nice Fall night.


  6. Sounds fantastic! I too cannot wait to check out the VC Brut Yellow Label and walk around the river on a nice fall night. Too bad I am not part of your anniversary celebration!!


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