I’m Not A Loser

Well, it’s a rough day for Robert Deem.  The Eagles lost another easy game, my fantasy football team lost again, our softball team lost all three games so far this season, but there’s a beacon of hope on the horizon.  That beacon of hope is that tonight I am picking up a new headset for my Xbox and I’m going to play San Diego Dave.  Nothing dispels the feeling of being a loser like firing up your video game system and playing some Madden while talking trash over your headset (which looks a lot like the headset they wear at McDonald’s). 

Prediction:  I will play as the Chargers and Dave will play as the Eagles.  I will win 42-21.

8 thoughts on “I’m Not A Loser

  1. Where it is a well known fact that Dave made it to the Madden Tournament championship game the last year it was held, it’s also a well known fact that Dave sucks at Madden. The Eagles are stuggling enough right now, we don’t need some renagade hack from San Diego making us look worse. DAVE, Please don’t use my team to lose tonight.


  2. I was thinking how weird it is that I’d use San Diego and he’d use Philly, I guess the grass is always greener. Oh wait, San Diego is actually good.


  3. If I was running that offense you can bet your a** that we would have put at least 3 TDs last night. You a fraud Andy Reid!Just like Rob, you ARE a loser. All hail Dave the next Madden Champion!


  4. Final Score: 20-14 EAGLES! What’s up now Andy!?So it wasn’t a spanking playing the Chargers, but the lop-sided matchup against an underdog opponent like myself says a lot about the upset experienced last night. There is a new force to be reckoned with in town, and his name is David J. Lookout you overly confident Madden players, I’ve got my sights on you…


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