Big Events

Every morning I wake up freezing cold.  I think it drops into the 50’s at night. 

On October 6th, Temple is playing their Homecoming game at Lincoln Financial field and I think Jaclyn and I are going to attend.  We’ll probably bring a football, the little grill, and if we’re feeling entrepreneurial, maybe we’ll sell some some nitrous.  Okay, we probably won’t sell nitrous, but everything else will be happening. 

Here’s the deal, it’s not going to be a good game.  Temple is a pretty bad football team, but they play on one of the nation’s nicest football fields.  Plus, it’s pretty cheap, you can get yourself some tickets for $10 to $15 and relax on a nice Fall day in an old sweatshirt. 

If anyone’s interested in going down and doing a little tailgating, let me know and we can pile into a car. 

I have begun work on our New Year’s Eve party invitations.  I am pretty excited, we’re definitely taking our party up a notch. 

13 thoughts on “Big Events

  1. Every morning I wake up thinking that I’m glad Mrs. McKelvery stepped in. I think that I should be free to walk the halls without harrassment.


  2. Every morning I wake up thinking that I’m glad I quit softball. I think that if I could have quit 2 minutes before the game it would have been better.


  3. Every morning I wake up and wish I had never said I don’t like green things. I think what I meant to say is I don’t like some foods, and as a pure coincidence, many happen to be green.


  4. I hope all of these people posting comments make it to my new years party! Especially this Steve Reed guy, I don’t know who he is, but he sounds great. Anyone down for some tailgating?


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