Things to Come

Quick notes for this morning:

I got beat pretty bad by Dave Seeton in Madden.  My pounding the ball into the gut played right into his hard blitzing strategy.  If I am going to beat him, I need to adopt to a more spread out offense and let’s face it, spread out offenses always end up being the way to go in football video games.  I am requesting a rematch against Dave, this time I will be the Detroit Lions.

Softball season is almost halfway over, I will update the player rankings once this Sunday’s stats are posted.  This is sure to cause some controversey. 

I am very surprised Pavarotti hasn’t posted a comment to this blog yet. 

Today I’m taking a long lunch to grab my 1-Year gifts, today is also my boss’ last day. 

24 thoughts on “Things to Come

  1. Let’s face it, I have never received any respect in the Madden community and am sick and tired of it. Just because I have never placed first in a championship means only that I should have the title “The Greatest Madden Player to Never Win a Major.” I have beaten every one of you at one time or another, but when I do you call it a fluke. Well Rob, be prepared to see many flukes this season, I’ve been practicing hard and toying with many strategies. I can put in the hours that your well-rounded life prohibits and you know it. It is supposed to be a rainy weekend here, and as its my birthday weekend, Jen has to let me play as many video games as I want. I’ll be available to kick your ass as many times as you want.I want you to know that using the Lions does not give you an excuse as to why you will lose. Anyone else think I’m a push-over? Any of you overly confident Madden players think you’re tough? I’ll be waiting…


  2. We need a standard time each week to play. I am suggesting Wednesday nights. I am down for playing you this weekend, I am thinking Friday night at 10EST/7PCT or Sunday. Let me know.


  3. I’ve been practicing. Would you guys mind letting me play? I’m not sure if I could win, but it’s worth a try isn’t it? We could do some catching up too. I’ve been doing a lot of skiing. I have a kid, but I’m not too in to the Father thing. My brother is married, but nobody really likes his wife. In case you are wondering, Yes, my brother is still ugly.


  4. Hey Guys! It’s been a while I know! So some of you might not remember me. I was actually kind of good looking, but I always had that deer in headlights look and acted like a mute so I never fell in with a cool crowd. I was afraid to talk and would mumble if the teach called on me.But now I’ve come out of my shell. I make love.


  5. Friday you must play. It will be your birthday present to me (that’s how you can justify it with Jaclyn). And I’m down for wednesday night regulars too. I’ll keep a tally on a chalk board like the old days in Matt’s basement.I make love.


  6. Seeton!!!!!!!!! Get your head in the game!! This Sunday we MUST take care of business. Stop thinking with your thumbs and start thinking about sacking Favre!!


  7. Favre, talk about minor league! I bet you’ve never even been skiing with Rawes. He invited me out to Colorado, but I couldn’t go. Toth and I went to the Poconos once. I bet you’ve never even ridden the Black Diamond. Brett, you pain killer popping druggie. This one time Rawes came home from Colorado and we were all staying at Grezlak’s house. Rawes kept farting at night and giggling. It was so cool.


  8. Brian I wish I could go skiing this weekend. In fact I wish I could do anything this weekend, but unfortunately I will be laying down. Andy’s fantasy football team will miss me, but not as much as Andy misses green things.Does anybody know if Andy eats black things?


  9. How many roads must a man walk down? Brian, don’t you think that Brett has been through enough? He is a man gosh darn it! Call him a man Guerrero!! Call him a MAN!!


  10. I should have told Doug that I was pregnant. It wasn’t fair to either of us. This is what we wanted wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? Stop this! Stop questioning me.


  11. Carol, the answer is blowing in the wind. Look to the cannon balls, look to the sky. Look to the mountains and look a man in the eye. I look all of you.


  12. Joan, why are you always stealing my thunder? No matter…Hey Deem I love the Blog. How about I stop by next time I’m in Frenchtown. How about I stop by the next year I exist? How about I turn my head the time I see you? How about I listen to you cry and respect the people that die? I love you Rob. I love Rob Deem. I shout it from the highest mountain. I gargle it in the deepest sea. Let’s sail those seas and sleep in the white sands of thee. I love Rob Deem.


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