1 Year Anniversary

I won the badminton tournament!  I did have the help of my little cousin Jack, this kid was tenacious and our team was flat out unstoppable.  Most of our competitors played side by side, but we had a system where he played up front and I played deep, this eliminated a lot of confusion over shuttlecocks going down the middle. 

The Bulldogs softball team lost another game.  I hope to update the team section of the website tonight.  I will update the player profiles once the new stats are posted.  Right now, I can think of some major changes in player grades.

The 1-Year anniversary was incredible.  We had an incredible meal at Hamilton’s Grill Room and enjoyed drinks at one of my recommended bars, The Boathouse.  I had a veal chop for the first time in my life, it was a huge piece of meat and it tasted damn good. 

I also beat San Diego Dave in Madden on his birthday.  He’s itching for a rematch. 

The great Jay Matthews got engaged and rumor is, someone took a picture of him asking himself to marry him. 

Some pictures:
The lovely couple revisiting the place they had their wedding reception

Jaclyn and Winston remembering the enchanted day

Me tearing it up in badminton!

Winston Flies!

Bonus Picture of Winston eating

41 thoughts on “1 Year Anniversary

  1. Yo Josh. Heather was fiiiiine as fine can by yo. I wrote a rap song about her. Heather Heather MillerThere is nobody ChillerYou make Josh’s life bright Wish your name was Heather Miller Lite…Peace to all my fallen rappers yo.


  2. Why would you say that Regan? After all I’ve been through. The doctors say I’m really making progress. I feel like the people here on the blog are the main people I can count on in my life – Rob, Jewel, Steve Reed, Sara Tantillo and Dave Song to name a few. You guys mean the world to me. Regan I know you don’t mean what you said and I’m sure it was just meant to be funny, but I would still like you to apologize.How’s Ryan Wilson?


  3. Yo Yo a J is a Jumpshot Yo. Where you been RK? Heather had mad skills. Fact is I beens writing a rap about it.Heather got J’s galoreThose stats you can’t ignoreDrive the LaneBring the PainYour team ain’t never be the same.Heather Playing with Mad Skills And You got Owen Wilson poppin Mad PillsHeather’s got GameMy Raps ain’t never LameHeathers Got J’s GaloreMy rap leaves other Rhymers SoreMy love goes out to the other hairy women out there giving up some J rock.


  4. Yo Marcel. Rapping is the only way I know how to heal the pain I feel for you. I’m glad I knew ya.You made us all laugh Though you were mute on stageRead from an imaginary bookBut its time to turn that imaginary pageYour death is tragic andIn life you mad me gladBut now i take my hand from my faceAnd my expression turns to sadYou been through a lotAnd you survived the HolocaustCame out aliveBut your voice was lostYou’re famous for tryin,To escape that Fake BoxI rap for youFrom the School of Hard KnocksDedicated to a cat that made a lot a noise during a lifetime of quiet. A moment of silence for Marcel everybody.I love you like a brother.


  5. I’ll miss Marcel too. How about this poem I wrote?Marcel,You were like a Parcel.Package.See, I can rap too guys.Rob do you love me as much as Mark?


  6. Where you at RK where you at? Lotta people in my hoods been talkin bout you. Heard you been off’ed. I’ve really been thinkin’ about it and I got something to sayDid the Deem Blog die?It may be 6 feet in the dirtBeen gone so longAbout to put out an Amber AlertNo more weekend Updates?I guess I’m out of luck.I’ll have to spend my Monday NightsChecking out that new show ChuckCurrent Events and World NewsTo your ‘pinions I’m a slaveI give a special shout outTo my boy San Diego DaveI walk the streets a thugWith brothas out there killinBut I read the Deem ReportAnd it keeps me ChillinCan I bring Deem back?Damn, I wish I couldBut Double M’s got more rhymesThan Matt’s got WoodI hope they find you RK.


  7. Friendship rankings? That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard of.So gay I wrote a rap about it.Yo, Yo, YoWhen your sitting at home and you’re all alone, whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when ranking wrestlers gets old and your feeling kinda bold whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when you can’t decide who you like better, kane, matt, or moose in a new sweater whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when your fingers in your butt and feel that it’s stuck whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when you go kind of limp and don’t feel like a pimp whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when your younger brother josh is j-oing on your bed and you wish it was your head whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.when you can’t get an update on rob’s blog and you just dropped a log whatcha gonna do…rank your friends.Peace I’m Outta here. word to ya mutha.


  8. Yo, dat wasn’t the real Double M Yo. We gots us an imposter. I like his style though. You got some potential. I may take you under my wing like Poppa did Puff….rank you friends.


  9. Wow! Maybe I will go to the class reunion since so many of my friends and peers from high school are checking out the site, I could be the keynote speaker. For my friends who haven’t checked the blog yet, I could hand out business cards with the site address.


  10. where were all you guys at reunion?!!! we all waited… and nothing. :(cute pics by the way! and who wrote that comment above with my ‘name’?


  11. Lena my brother has missed you. He hasn’t rapped in months. Can you guys get back together? How about me and Heather reunite and we can double date with you just like in the old days. Friendlies Restaurant, my treat!


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