Better Things To Do

Holy smokes, this week has been rough.  Not too long ago, my counterpart on the US account left for a position at another company and now my boss has resigned as well.  This has left me in a spot where I am working across the US and Global accounts and it is pretty hectic.  I know that none of you really care about my work, but it helps to explain the minimal amount of blogging that has taken place.

With all that being said, I still managed to sneak out of work early yesterday to watch the Philadelphia Phillies battle the Colorado Rockies for the Wildcard.  Unfortunately, the Phillies lost 12-0.  It was a pretty miserable game with the exception of seeing the farthest homerun ever.  A guy on the Rockies hit the ball way up onto the upper deck in left field, almost went into a rooftop bar called, Harry the K’s.

My best friend from San Diego should be working on a good blog post, so I can’t wait for that to arrive.  He also picked up the Xbox 360 so we can now play online against each other.  It sucks that I haven’t had a chance to play him yet, this week has been dreadful. 

Tomorrow, I leave for a wedding in DC.  Hopefully, next week will be better, but right now I have no reason to expect anything to be different. 

Oh, Temple’s Homecoming is on October 6th.  Anyone interested in going to the Linc and watching the game?  We could throw the ball around and grill some hotdogs.

I have to squeeze in two more fishing trips before it gets too cold.

The House Went Unprotected

Okay, I talked a lot of crap about my Fantasy Football team being great, and they sucked.  I won’t talk about them again, unless their status changes.

The Bulldogs (my softball team) lost its first game of the Fall season too.  We just got outplayed, the other team was super serious and we were just clowning around waiting for something good to happen.  It was actually a lot of fun though because the other team was really serious and talked a lot of crap to us, if we play those chumps again, we’ll bring a better effort.  My team got me a card and gift certificate to an excellent restaurant for my coaching efforts, it was really generous and totally unexpected.  I coach for very selfish reasons, I just want to play softball, it doesn’t matter where I play or what I do, I just want to be on the field.  Fortunately, we have a decent team composed of great friends. 

The Eagles lost, I almost threw a chair at my TV. 

I went to a Phillies game with the Kanes and we had a fabulous time, they won easily and we had a homerun ball hit about 4 rows behind us.  Some dude in his twenties caught the ball with his bare hands and he was showered with applause from the crowd, as lame as it is, every other dude in attendance was secretly wishing that ball was hit to them.

I am going to try to get my best friend from San Diego to post a day in his life onto my blog.  If anyone else is interested in posting a day in their life, I’d be happy to accommodate, just let me know.

We Must Protect This House

Well, well, well…the Commissioner of the Fantasy Football league has released his preseason rankings.  I will admit, I made some bold selections in my draft.  Some of my cohorts in the league said I picked players too early, some said that I picked players who were unproven, some said that my team doesn’t have a chance.  The rankings have put my fantasy football team in dead last. 

To this I say, “We Must Protect This House!”  You can say whatever you want about my team, in fact, keep putting us down.  It will only make my victories that much sweeter.  You will see that taking Reggie Bush with the first pick was genius and starting Lamont Jordan was brilliant.  In the end, this might be the most prolific fantasy football championship…because no one even gave us a chance. 

RKDeem Report

I checked RKDeem Report and saw that the site has surpassed 300 hits!  It’s been a wild ride so far, the blog has yielded some memorable contributions from John Ritter, James Brown, ODB, Ted Williams, Phil Rizzuto, and who can forget the Lonely Pterodactyl.  Anyways, this has been the foundation phase of the website project, I’m looking to make some improvements in the coming months.  I have received some great suggestions about recommended movies and CDs, so I’ll probably add along the way. 

I checked out the website of a frequent contributor, Jen Walton, at and noticed they had a store.  I think I should add a store. 

Any ideas for the expansion of the website?

Labor Day Weekend

Hello Folks!

Labor Day signals the end of Summer, the beginning of Fall.  Mixed emotions about this, I love the summer, and in my mind, I love the Fall even more, except that Winter looms on the horizon. 

The best part of Fall is that music sounds better in the crisp air.  Right off the top of my head, here’s a list of my favorite Fall musicians:

  1. Nick Drake
  2. Elliot Smith
  3. Van Morrison (Astral Weeks, in particular)
  4. Counting Crows
  5. Simon & Garfunkel
  6. Bob Dylan

Well, I have another artist to add to the list, Josh Ritter.  I’ve been combing iTunes for months, combing through the detritus, squirreling away a nugget here and there, but there hasn’t been an album that has given me confidence in the state of music.  Josh Ritter’s latest album, The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter, is excellent all the way through.  I don’t want to describe the sound, because I would have to rely on comparisons or generalizations, but it’s an album that makes you feel like you have something incredible in one hand, but you’re letting something go in the other.  It makes me think of the summer coming to an end.

The Fantasy Football draft was a great success, I like my team’s chances.  Softball starts up again this Sunday with a double header, I like our softball team’s chances too.  Here’s some of my favorite pictures from this weekend.

Winston Approves of Optimus

The Incredible Draft Board by Mr. Kane

The TedMan

He’s great with the ladies!

And with the men!

And sometimes both!


Quick Notes

It’s been a fabulous Labor Day weekend, my boss gave me off on Friday, so it’s going to be four days of bliss.  Yesterday, we hung around town, walked to the bridge and the grocery store.  We got nacho making supplies at the grocery store and watched the Phillies triumph over the Marlins, it was a perfect Friday.  Oh, I made some cranberry/grape/vodka concoction that was delicious.

Today, we went to River Fest in Frenchtown.  It’s a whole bunch of nothing, but it really draws the people in.  Jaclyn has begun working on a little project where she takes pictures of people’s dogs that are being walked around in Frenchtown.  Today she asked someone if she could take a picture of their dog and they said, “Now’s not really a good time”.  I wonder what the heck was going on in that dog’s life that made it a bad time for a photograph.

We explored the Upper Black Eddy area of Pennsylvania (it’s right up the river from us) and we came across a great deli/general store.  They made us a great sandwich that we took to the park.  We put Winston in a big swing and he had a blast (see picture below).

Tomorrow is a big day, it’s Fantasy Football draft day, I can’t wait to post a recap.