I found a great website,

At pandora, you type in the name of a band that you like and then it generates a radio station of music that sounds like that band, influenced that band, or is that band.  I’ve typed in a bunch of bands and it has worked for every one of them, it’s been great listening to music that influenced Cream.

Song of the Blog:
Golden Touch (Razorlight) – I don’t know how music critics critique songs for a living, it must get pretty difficult describing music every day of your life.  I remember working at the fish market and people would ask what does Flounder taste like, I would say, “It’s a mild and flaky fish that cannot be grilled, it’s easy to prepare, broil it with some lemon and pepper and you’re set”.  I will say the same thing about this song. 

This clip needs sound, the noise at the end is the best thing ever:


Song of the Blog:
Dry the Rain (The Beta Band) – In the movie High Fidelity, they put this record on and say it will automatically sell a bunch of their records.  If you listen to this song in it’s entirety, you’d definitely want to buy it.

The eve of Halloween Eve

I had a very relaxing weekend, watched a couple of DVDs that I’ve been meaning to watch for a couple of weeks:

  • The Gathering Storm – a movie about Winston Churchill’s rise to power before World War 2
  • Play It Again Sam – A Woody Allen movie that Woody Allen didn’t direct. 

Both movies were very good, but I wouldn’t recommend them to other people, they were just movies that I needed to see for a variety of reasons. 

We picked up some pumpkins and Jaclyn carved out some impressive Jack-O-Lanterns.  Winston tried to eat the pumpkin slop that was scooped out of the pumpkin’s inside. 

We ate at the local Mexican restaurant on Friday and brought a huge bottle of wine, Winston screamed a lot and we were only able to finish a quarter of it and finish our meal in a hurry. 

On Saturday we ate at the Lambertville Station (courtesy of the Bulldogs) and we had a tremendous lunch with Jaclyn’s parents, Winston was quiet this time because he was busy eating rolls through the entire lunch. 

For those of you that are interested, San Diego Dave is fine, his apartment is fine, and he’s back at work.

Deep Disturbance

Right now my wife is sensing a “great disturbance in the force”.   Women all over the country are seeing their men disappear into the mysterious universe of xbox live, Madden 08, and nerdy headsets.  It’s like the movie Outbreak, but only worse, seemingly normal males all over the country are suddenly contracting acute cases of geekalitis and dweebanoma.  It was not too long ago when I was the sole individual infected and quarantined in Frenchtown, but now cases have now been reported in San Diego, Willow Grove, Chalfont, Doylestown, and the list continues to grow. 

Song of the Blog:
The Promise (When In Rome) – Great song from the 80’s that we’d all would have forgotten about if it wasn’t for the famous tetherball scene at the end of Napoleon Dynamite. 



I am so jazzed up about the video feature, I have to show off two more of my favorite videos.  Don’t worry, this blog won’t turn into me slapping up a video and calling it a day.  There’s plenty of adventures coming up, deep sea fishing trip next Friday, trip to Ithaca New York, and a big vacation in the Outer Banks, it will be an action packed November. 

But for now, I just have to show off these two videos.  The first one is the Urban Ninja.  It’s basically a kid that aspires to be a ninja and he jumps off buildings, does flips in the air, he does things that would scare most of us to death.   It’s bad ass, but funny at the same time because he looks kind of absurd doing these things in shopping malls and parks.  This kid amazes me though, you will be impressed.

The second video is a parody of the Urban Ninja.  This guy’s ninja skills are used to terrify innocent bystanders and the video delves into the reclusive nature of the ninja and how difficult it is for ninjas to integrate into society. 

I imagine that my site is up to 1,000 hits right now.  I haven’t been checking because I don’t want to be the 1,000th visitor.  I am amazed that this thing has been checked so much, I am glad people like it, I want to earn a place in people’s rotation when bored and checking websites at work.  Thank you everyone for reading.  I really enjoy posting things from other people (like the smoke in San Diego).  I think it’s only getting better.

Song of the Blog:
Orange Sky (Alexi Murdoch) – Another perfect song for a Fall mix tape.   I am not sure if everyone’s already heard this song or not, I think it may have been on the OC.  If you haven’t heard it before, you’re in for a treat. 

Urban Ninja

Urban Ninja 2

I Figured Out How To Add Videos To My Blog

Okay, I figured out how to add videos to my blog, this is the coolest thing ever.  When I found out that I could add videos, I immediately thought about this clip where a little kid is running around the gym during a basketball game, a final shot is heaved across the basketball court, and everything comes together perfectly!

This is a video I took of Winston fighting the Robo Raptor, I commentate the battle

San Diego Dave in Peril

San Diego Dave took this picture of the Pacific Ocean, he hasn’t been evacuated yet, but the ominous cloak of smoke indicates that the danger isn’t too far away.  I talked with Dave yesterday and he said that he’s basically waiting for a reverse 911 call that would tell him and fellow residents to evacuate.  It’s hard to imagine raging fires reaching the ocean.  He was off from work yesterday and hopefully the fires will be contained soon so everyone can return to a normal life, but so far, Mother Nature isn’t cooperating. 

On the home front, I had a very relaxing weekend, highlights included a church fair complete with hay ride and petting zoo and hitting 3 homeruns in our final weekend of softball.  Winston has a real appreciation for funny noises and funny faces now, poor Jaclyn watches Winston and I out do each other with weird noises and faces at dinner each night.

Song of the Blog:
It’s Not You It’s Me (Coconut Records) – A friend recommended that I do this song for the song of the blog and I am glad he did.  I had never heard of Coconut Records before, but a little research yielded that it is the singer/songwriter from Phantom Planet (Califorrrrrrrnnnniiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Here WE COME!!!!), this singer/songwriter also happens to be an actor who’s starred in Rushmore, Marie Antoinette, and the Darjeeling Limited, I’m talking about Jason Schwartzman!  You’ll recognize the catchy simplicity that worked so well for Phantom Planet, but he’s transitioned from surf rock to a autistic dance beat, it’s bare, repetitive, but it gets stuck in your head, and it works.  I found myself really getting into this song and the song song Nighttiming (which I like slightly better), but when you get these songs stuck in your head and you start singing them around the office, you definitely feel a little bit like Rainman.  It’s dance music for bad dancers, it’s probably the catchiest album I’ve heard since the Postal Service. 

Winston looking ridiculous

Winston in a moon bounce – which he loved!

Winston covered us both with food, good times