Britney’s Haircut

Britney’s got a lot of problems and she just had her kids taken away from her, so I don’t want to kick her when she’s down, but this is just the most unusual haircut I’ve ever seen.  Just flat out bizarre, just stare at it for awhile, it’s the equivalent to doing drugs.

New feature to RKDeem Report…drum roll…drum rolling faster, drum rolling uncontrollably, drum explodes…

RKDeem Report’s newest and greatest addition to the blog is…Song of the Blog!

My goal is to recommend a specific song each time I blog and offer an explanation. 

Song of the Blog #1:
The Trapeze Swinger (Iron & Wine) – One of the best deals on i Tunes, it is a 9 minute song that is perfect for a Fall road trip.  Not sure if you’re familiar with Iron & Wine, but they play quiet folksy music that’s gentle, but never boring.  Cozy melody that just goes on and on, I always try to listen to the words, but end up just zoning out into the song (it’s not a bad thing, it’s just so cohesive that you kind of get lost in it all).  It’s a great song to listen to over and over again or be pleasantly surprised when shuffle brings it up on your i Pod.  But it should make it’s way on any Fall mix tape.

11 thoughts on “Britney’s Haircut

  1. I think it my duty to weigh in on your opinion of Brit’s hairricane. First, let’s remember that what you see is not her own hair. Remember how she shaved her head earlier in the year? Well, it hasn’t grown back yet. The long hair that you see is really hair extensions which are bonded to her real hair that has regrown. Second, I don’t think you object to her hairCUT, you object to her hairSTYLE. Regardless, if throwup came in hairstyles, it would be the look Britney is sporting. Okay, back to work, or something.


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