Bin Laden

The Phillies are about to play their first game of the playoffs.  The game starts at 3PM and I have my computer setup with the MLB package so I can listen to it at work.  Unfortunately, these clowns that I work with have all kinds of meetings set up so I will miss about 99% of the game. 

My friend Jay is getting married next year, the wedding is going to be way out in west Pennsylvania.  I thought it would be a great idea to rent a van and there’s some really interesting options for van rentals.  The most inexpensive option is a 12 passenger van, it’s like a cargo van with lots of seats.  They have these crazy pimped out vans with xbox 360’s, 20 inch flat screen tvs, and all kinds of crazy stuff, but that van is about $250 a day.  It looks like the cheapest van rental is still going to be close to $75 a person, while the most expensive is $150 a person.  The challenge is that we will have to rent it on Thursday, because we will probably have to leave first thing in the morning on Friday to make a rehearsal.  So, you’re looking at Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

If just a few people we’re interested in traveling, a regular minivan might work out nicely.  Either way, I am driving and I’m probably going to squeeze in a trip to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.  A road trip sounds like a lot of fun, I’d love to drive across the country someday, maybe I’ll drag Winston with me in about 17 years.

It just blows my mind that Osama Bin Laden is still running around on the loose.  Not only has he escaped the US army and several other militias from the coalition of the willing, but he then has the audacity to flaunt his freedom with videos declaring his dominance and how Al Queda is prevailing.  I can’t imagine filling up a tank of gas and not paying for it, or what would happen to me if I didn’t pay my taxes, Bin Laden murdered thousands of people and he’s still free and making videos mocking America.  I am surprised that this doesn’t upset more people.

Song of the Blog #2
Valerie (the Zutons) – This song is just drunken fun.  Not really excellent at any one thing, but it’s got everything a great rock/pop song should have.  The Zutons had a popular song a couple of years ago called, “Pressure Point”.  From what I’ve read, this band is far more popular in England than in the US, but I wonder if they always say that about bands who just aren’t that great (these two songs are a blast, don’t get me wrong, I just wouldn’t say that their entire catalog is overly impressive), like Travis and Supergrass.  Maybe in England they tell their readers that The Vines are really popular over here.  Oh, if you like this version of Valerie, you might want to check out Amy Winehouse’s version of it on Mark Ronson’s latest CD.

5 thoughts on “Bin Laden

  1. I would love to follow through with your suggestions but, I still can’t find Amy Winehouse on our Ipod. What gives?I am looking forward to the Road trip but I hear Eddie has bad gas. Can we not invite him?


  2. I would like to carpool to the wedding. Reserve like 3 seats for me because I am in another one of my Fat Stages. I’m working on my speech for the rehearsal wedding. It’s going to be something like this “I’m fat and deceased and you’re getting married. Congratulations.”


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