Eleanor Roosevelt

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.
-Eleanor Roosevelt

I’ve been discussing a lot of people lately, Britney Spears, Bin Laden, San Diego Dave, etc.  I figure that it’s time for me to branch out a little and talk about something different.  I look at the quote above and I feel like most of America is falling into the “small minds” category on Eleanor’s continuum of intelligent dialogue. 

I wonder if it is because things are different now, the big social experiments have been conducted and we’ve seen the conclusions.  Communism, democracy, the 60’s love & drug era, and let us not forget disco, have all played out.  The experiments seem to all be over and now we talk people, we love celebrities, we love bad haircuts, and there’s nothing better than a meltdown.  We have some big things going on, like the war, but the huge anti-war rallies were all played out during Vietnam, we would just be doing something that’s been done before.  We have an ineffective congress who who is polarized by bi-partisanship, but it requires billions of dollars to make a change there, we have lots of people dying in poor urban areas due to pointless gun violence, but they are too removed and poor to receive any consideration, our world is getting warmer…but these are just events, not ideas, so this gets us into the average mind category on Eleanor’s continuum. 

I am proud of the life I live and I love the life I have, but there are aspects that I wish were better.  We are lucky to have wonderful family, I have a decent job that allows me to live in a nice home in a nice town, and I have great friends, but there is definitely something missing in the larger picture.  It just feels like the people and the country are completely different.  The republic which represents us has become so divided and ineffective, I just want to do my job and spend time with my friends and family, but I am sometimes embarassed by country’s actions or lack of action.  It is sad that the great minds that should be leading this country are not because of financial restrictions, it is sad that the right decisions are not being made because of financial interests.

I always liked the quote, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, it implies that you are aligned with the goals and objectives or your country.  I am afraid that if I asked my country what they wanted me to do now, it would be to pick up a gun and fight a war against improvised explosive devices in a desert.  Why is our country not asking us to use more energy efficient power sources, why is our country not making it harder for people to own assault weapons, and why is our country not talking about ideas? 

I love this country, don’t get me wrong, but I think money needs to be removed from the equation of leadership in America.

Song of the Blog #3:
Extraordinary Machine (Fiona Apple) – A quirky, fun, and intelligent song.  Tough to define it or squeeze it on a mix tape because it is so unusual, but it is mixed with wonderful sounds and singing.  Not the typical bitter and angry Fiona stuff, this song caught her on a very good day.

5 thoughts on “Eleanor Roosevelt

  1. Because our country lacks the balls to deal with disagreement. Its much easier to turn the other cheek than it is to use your brain. That and the lack of education the majority of society has to actually discuss such topics in a non-aggressive fashion. Fiona is a good pick, although its not my favorite song by her. I much prefer “slow like honey” or “I know”. PS- is it not your birthday tomorrow? if it is, happy birthday! 29? youre so old 🙂


  2. that was a good blog rob. i was expecting more stuff like that from you when you first started blogging. i love talking about people. Eleanor would hate me and my small mind. actually i like discussing ideas and events about people so maybe i don’t really have a small mind after all. i do love how you listed disco as one of the big social experiments in history! unfortunately my opinion on the country’s events and issues is one of apathy. after going to work and trying to have fun i have no time or energy to make a difference. i settle for making a difference in my own life – go on vacation, hang out with my friends and family, etc. i say “settle” but i’m not sure if capturing Bin Ladin is really my bag baby. a great man once said, instead of offering problems why don’t you offer us some solutions. actually that great man was me and i just said it. quote the edman. so give us solutions Rob, what do we do to change things?I love Extraordinary Machine. i’ve put the song on many a mix cd usually as song #1 b/c the whole tone of the album evolves into something different after that. also, i don’t know if i told you but rose and i are all for renting a van to go to the wedding. peace out. Rank Your Friends.


  3. First time comment leaver, long time reader. I loved this blog…deep, makes you think, and it quotes dead people. Dead people just make things more powerful. You say you love this country, but seem confused on what you could do to help it. Your pants seems to hate government. The fact is you don’t need to wait for your country to tell you want to do, you know what you can do already. Everyone knows what they could do, but more don’t care to do it. What I’m about to say I don’t practice, so don’t attack me. I’m just pointing it out. You don’t need the government to tell you that the environment is in trouble, you know. But don’t you drive a V6 car? Do you recycle, what about air drying your laundry, etc? The fact is that most people don’t care. Okay now this is were it all wraps together….are you ready, wait for it..per Eleanor Roosevelt great minds discuss events, well, great people don’t discuss they actually do…


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