Dananana Nanah…You say is it’s your birthday….Dananana Nanah…it’s my birthday too yeah

First of all, I am happy that the last couple of entries generated some dialogue about ideas, there’s not enough conversation about big ideas, it comes to a halt when you leave college. 

Last weekend was my 29th birthday.  It was a great weekend with my family and my wife made me feel like a king.  I took Monday off and my birthday priveldges extended all the way through the long weekend.  I was able to cram in some fishing, a trip down to Lincoln Financial Field to see the Temple Owls take on Northern Illinois, multiple games of Madden, and some outstanding ribs from Bugaboo Creek Steakhouse. 

This was my first birthday with Winston in my life and it was really wonderful.  It’s funny to picture the contrasts of birthday celebrations from a couple of years ago versus a birthday celebration when you married with a child.  A couple of years ago, it might have been a trip to a downtown bar filled with shots, late night pizza, and a mean hangover.  There were a lot of times over the weekend where the contrast was incredibly evident, but only because I felt so lucky for everything I now have. 

I beat Dave in Madden twice, won my fantasy football game and caught a largemouth bass at Round Valley Reservoir.  Last nigth I took Dave on with the Arizona Cardinals, I was hoping that my receivers would be good enough to beat him, I was wrong and got beat badly.  We’ll square away again later this week, I think I might try the Jaguars.

Song of the Blog – coming later today…it will be worth the wait!

Friday on the river, right next to the Frenchtown bridge

Winston and I at the Linc

Photo Op at Bugaboo

Me fishing Round Valley

Jaclyn used the timer feature to take this pic herself

10 thoughts on “Dananana Nanah…You say is it’s your birthday….Dananana Nanah…it’s my birthday too yeah

  1. I just have to say that all this AIDS talk is really inappropriate. Rob’s just trying to be nice and use this blog as a place to chat and this guys got AIDS and that guys got AIDS and someone else is rapping all the time. I’m sure Magic Johnson really wrote in. LOSERS.


  2. Dear The Real Mellisa. You are right that was not me that wrote in previously. That was a person I hired to write for me on blogs around the world. The thoughts were mine though. AIDS is a serious problem and I am a serious black man that spits AIDS on the nozzel of self serve drink stations at restaurants around the country. Maybe even a restaurant that you go to. And the bloggers at this site are not Losers. They are simply trying to create awarness. If this blog helps infect just one person with AIDS then our mission has been accomplished.Fight the good fight Real Melissa.


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