I am so jazzed up about the video feature, I have to show off two more of my favorite videos.  Don’t worry, this blog won’t turn into me slapping up a video and calling it a day.  There’s plenty of adventures coming up, deep sea fishing trip next Friday, trip to Ithaca New York, and a big vacation in the Outer Banks, it will be an action packed November. 

But for now, I just have to show off these two videos.  The first one is the Urban Ninja.  It’s basically a kid that aspires to be a ninja and he jumps off buildings, does flips in the air, he does things that would scare most of us to death.   It’s bad ass, but funny at the same time because he looks kind of absurd doing these things in shopping malls and parks.  This kid amazes me though, you will be impressed.

The second video is a parody of the Urban Ninja.  This guy’s ninja skills are used to terrify innocent bystanders and the video delves into the reclusive nature of the ninja and how difficult it is for ninjas to integrate into society. 

I imagine that my site is up to 1,000 hits right now.  I haven’t been checking because I don’t want to be the 1,000th visitor.  I am amazed that this thing has been checked so much, I am glad people like it, I want to earn a place in people’s rotation when bored and checking websites at work.  Thank you everyone for reading.  I really enjoy posting things from other people (like the smoke in San Diego).  I think it’s only getting better.

Song of the Blog:
Orange Sky (Alexi Murdoch) – Another perfect song for a Fall mix tape.   I am not sure if everyone’s already heard this song or not, I think it may have been on the OC.  If you haven’t heard it before, you’re in for a treat. 

Urban Ninja

Urban Ninja 2

6 thoughts on “Ninjas

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