Deep Disturbance

Right now my wife is sensing a “great disturbance in the force”.   Women all over the country are seeing their men disappear into the mysterious universe of xbox live, Madden 08, and nerdy headsets.  It’s like the movie Outbreak, but only worse, seemingly normal males all over the country are suddenly contracting acute cases of geekalitis and dweebanoma.  It was not too long ago when I was the sole individual infected and quarantined in Frenchtown, but now cases have now been reported in San Diego, Willow Grove, Chalfont, Doylestown, and the list continues to grow. 

Song of the Blog:
The Promise (When In Rome) – Great song from the 80’s that we’d all would have forgotten about if it wasn’t for the famous tetherball scene at the end of Napoleon Dynamite. 


3 thoughts on “Deep Disturbance

  1. Sorry for the lack of explanation regarding the video. It’s just about the weirdest thing I’d ever seen. I love when that little pink car goes flying out of control.


  2. Shut up Rob. You think your little blog is so cool and you have all of these people from high school talking to each other. Its dumb! I bet this isn’t even me writing. How pathetic are you that you have to have one of your f*gg*t friends imitate me on your stupid blog? Well this isn’t me, I’m somebody else. I’m Dave Herr and I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore. I am taking over this blog and I am going to post as myself and mess your website up. I will be the only real thing on this blog. F your stupid videos that you finally figured out how to post. But foget what I just said because maybe I’ll message as somebody else like Dave Seeton. We share the same first name so why not. Dave and Dave pretty funny right. I know lets make fun of me because I have the same first name as your butt buddy. I am really interested in hearing about your musical tastes can you give us some more so I can download hundreds of crappy songs for a dollar a piece. Maybe you can put the songs to video and post it on your stupid blog. Make a video of you playing Madden with your friends because that would be an exciting thing to read about. Your blog is an insult to websties and so is your life. Ok I guess I will see everybody at the reunion.


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