The eve of Halloween Eve

I had a very relaxing weekend, watched a couple of DVDs that I’ve been meaning to watch for a couple of weeks:

  • The Gathering Storm – a movie about Winston Churchill’s rise to power before World War 2
  • Play It Again Sam – A Woody Allen movie that Woody Allen didn’t direct. 

Both movies were very good, but I wouldn’t recommend them to other people, they were just movies that I needed to see for a variety of reasons. 

We picked up some pumpkins and Jaclyn carved out some impressive Jack-O-Lanterns.  Winston tried to eat the pumpkin slop that was scooped out of the pumpkin’s inside. 

We ate at the local Mexican restaurant on Friday and brought a huge bottle of wine, Winston screamed a lot and we were only able to finish a quarter of it and finish our meal in a hurry. 

On Saturday we ate at the Lambertville Station (courtesy of the Bulldogs) and we had a tremendous lunch with Jaclyn’s parents, Winston was quiet this time because he was busy eating rolls through the entire lunch. 

For those of you that are interested, San Diego Dave is fine, his apartment is fine, and he’s back at work.

6 thoughts on “The eve of Halloween Eve

  1. You can say that again OJ. Rob lacks that crazy excitement that we used to have. Drugs, hookers, murders. I miss the life we had together. Sometimes I think we should give it another shot.


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