I found a great website,

At pandora, you type in the name of a band that you like and then it generates a radio station of music that sounds like that band, influenced that band, or is that band.  I’ve typed in a bunch of bands and it has worked for every one of them, it’s been great listening to music that influenced Cream.

Song of the Blog:
Golden Touch (Razorlight) – I don’t know how music critics critique songs for a living, it must get pretty difficult describing music every day of your life.  I remember working at the fish market and people would ask what does Flounder taste like, I would say, “It’s a mild and flaky fish that cannot be grilled, it’s easy to prepare, broil it with some lemon and pepper and you’re set”.  I will say the same thing about this song. 

This clip needs sound, the noise at the end is the best thing ever:

2 thoughts on “Pandora

  1. OMG, the grape-stomping lady is my most favorite funny video EVER! I remember when it came out. I think I was a senior in college. We would just watch it over and over and over again. Then, I remember being in law school, and sometimes we’d just sit in the library and watch it, totally cracking it. Whenever I am having a bad day, I watch it. My favorite part of it is the “I ughh, I can’t breeeeaaatthhee!” Lady, if you couldn’t breath, you wouldn’t be able to talk. DUH!


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