Call of Duty 4

If you are a woman or a guy who isn’t a nerd, stop reading here. 

Hello nerdy guys, glad you kept reading!  I am posting my review of Call of Duty 4 for Xbox 360.  I was lucky to get a copy of it last night (1 day before the official release, I mentioned rkdeemreport and they said they could make an exception for me).
I’m not going to write a huge review, I will just make a couple of points:

  1. This is the best multi player game I have ever played.  Call of Duty 4 has phenomenal graphics, bad ass weapons, incredible environments (lots of bombed out cities from Russia and the Middle East), and silky smooth controls, but what really separates this game from the rest is the beautiful use of incentives. 
  2. The incentives in this game range from excelling in a single game to playing the game for months on end, if you put your time in and play the game right, you will be rewarded.  This is a huge shift from previous executions of this game online.  In the past, you would just run around like a mad man and hope you get lucky and take out the other players.  Now, there’s a tremendous amount of incentive for killing 3 people without getting killed, or killing 5 people without getting killed, and if you manage to kill 7 people without getting killed, you get to call in a helicopter that goes around the map and shoots all the enemies.  Last year’s version was all about playing like Rambo and running into the firefight with grenades flying, uzi shooting in all directions, and praying that you hit them before they hit you.   In addition, after each game, depending on how well you play, you receive experience points, these points help you move up rank, from Private to General. 
  3. As you move up rank, additional weapons, perks, and accessories become available.  When I say accessories, I’m talking about accessories that really make you a better soldier in the game, like scopes for your gun or an attachment that allows your rifle to shoot grenades.  The more you move up rank, the better toys you have to play with on the field. 
  4. You can customize your soldier, you’re not just an ordinary soldier, you can be an assault soldier, a light assault soldier, a sniper, or a heavy assault soldier.  Each of these soldiers has varying strengths and weaknesses, their weapons differ dramatically, and you need to adjust how you play to what type of soldier you end up picking.  If you are a sniper, you do not want to be running around looking for a victim, you need to get as far away from the action and be patient.  It sounds obvious, but this game really does a nice job of making each type of soldier very strong in a unique way.  One thing that makes being a Sniper really difficult is the Killcam.  The Killcam shows the player who killed you, how they killed you, and where they killed you from, so if you take someone out as a sniper, you might want to sneak into a new hiding location immediately.

I could go on and on about this game, it really is exceptional.  If your new to this game or franchise and your worried about getting your ass handed to you, don’t worry too much, the xbox 360 automatically identifies your skill, rank, etc. and sets you up with players who are similar. 

Song of the Blog:
Pressure Drop (Toots & the Maytals) – One of those songs that recognizes the stress your under and tells you how great it will be when you put it all in perspective.  Another great song that does this is “Oh Sweet Nothin'” by the Velvet Underground.

3 thoughts on “Call of Duty 4

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