What a Year

What a freaking year!  Here’s a list of some of the things I learned this year (no particular order):

  1. Watching your wife give birth is the most amazing thing you will see in your life.
  2. Changing your own kid’s diaper isn’t too bad.
  3. Dishwashers should only use dishwasher detergent, if you use the dish soap from your sink, a huge bubbly mess will come out of your dishwasher.
  4. Europeans have way more vacation time than Americans.
  5. The Baltimore Aquarium is not much better than the Camden Aquarium.
  6. Fell’s Point in Baltimore is much better than the Inner Harbor in Baltimore.
  7. Knocked Up is not a good movie to watch with your Grandparents.
  8. Drinking beer while fishing from the beach at night is a great way to spend a night.
  9. New Jersey is not as good as Pennsylvania (I think I’ve known this forever, but it is now confirmed).
  10. Don’t forget to give your wife a mother’s day card (assuming she has a child).
  11. The orchestra is an amazing thing to see, just don’t get front row seats, you will only see a small fraction of the amazing performance.
  12. Even with the fence, we lost all our games.
  13. Montana West will fill any shot glass you can imagine and they did for my birthday.
  14. You never realize how much your parents did for you until you have to raise a kid.
  15. The new World War 2 monument and Vietnam Veterans wall in DC are two of the most solemn places in America
  16. I don’t think dollar dogs are as good as the more expensive hot dogs at Phillies games
  17. The Temple football game at Lincoln Financial is just a wonderful way to spend a Fall afternoon
  18. I should grill more, it’s easy and food just tastes better grilled.
  19. Unopened Coors Light cans float on the Delaware River.
  20. It was sad to hear that Colby Umbrell lost his life in Iraq.  Knew him briefly while playing football at East.  He was a good guy and it seemed like he was really committed to making things better over there.  On his trips home, he would go around to schools and ask for school supplies to bring back to the kids in Iraq.  From what I can tell, he was really trying to make things better and it is sad that he died before he had a chance to make even more of an impact.  It is a big loss for us and a big loss for Iraq.

6 thoughts on “What a Year

  1. You think watching your wife give birth is amazing? You should see me on the toilet. Now that is a site to behold. I bet I drop more than your wife did in delivery.


  2. I’ve been watching you Andrew and your bowel movements are not pretty. I might bring you an adult diaper this holiday.Ho Ho Ho!Merry Christmas!


  3. Hi Santa. I would like to eat Andy’s poop for Christmas.I would also like feces installed at Lukens park. Thats right feces, not fences.Thanks!


  4. I’m starting my own blog and it is going to be bigger and better than anything you bloggers have ever seen. When people subscribe to my blog I am going to take a helicopter to their home and personally welcome them to my online community. There are going to be special Blog Subscriber Celebration Parties held all around the world on a quarterly basis. I will donate a full college scholarship every year to the child of my subscribers. We will also have retina scanners so you can’t pretend to be somebody else. Details coming soon!Dave


  5. Has anybody seen my brother Mark? I got him a new microphone, chain and Fubu jump suit for Christmas. He went out to Philly the next night. He said he had some industry business to take care of. We haven’t heard from him since. My family is real worried!


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