Robot Costumes

I officially endorse robot costumes.  Jaclyn and I were thinking that are next party would be a toga party, but I would freaking love a robot party.  I think the people who really manage to separate themselves with great robot costumes manage to get some lights on the costume.  Anyone can get a couple of cardboard boxes together, but the real champions get that electrical current flowing. 

In addition to having lights, I think I would like a little voice machine that would play previously recorded robot jargon for me, that way I wouldn’t have to talk to anyone, that would be the best party ever. 

Instead of drinking out of bottles or cups, I think we would have to drink out of old motor oil bottles, that might not be too safe, but when there’s a will, there’s a way.

King of Kong, A Fistful of Quarters – Movie Review

I’m going to tell you what this movie is about and you’re going to say, “There’s no way I’m watching this, it’s way too geeky for me, only the biggest nerd in the world would enjoy, that’s why Rob enjoyed it so much.”  My goal is for you to give it a shot, because I really think everyone would love this movie. 

What Kind of Movie Is It?
This movie is a documentary, but it’s not a really cut and dry documentary, they do a great job of editing the movie so you really get into the story, they set it up perfectly so you’re rooting for one guy and hating the other.  It is edited like a movie, the plot builds, thickens, and gets so tense you want to scream, and in the end, you’re begging for a happy ending. 

What’s the movie about? 
There’s this guy, his name is Billy Mitchell, he’s like the greatest arcade gamer to walk on this planet.  Here’s an example of how good this guy is, he got an award (picture above) for playing Pac-Man until the machine shut down because it ran out of levels and he never lost a life.  He has the records for Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and a couple of other games, he was even profiled in LIFE magazine.  Anyways, he’s really full of himself and he thinks he’s the greatest guy to walk on the planet, he talks a lot of crap, wears ridiculous ties, and he does a great job of making himself out to be the perfect villain, you will hate this guy!

The other main story is this really nice guy who was an engineer and got laid off.  He has a family and appears to be somewhat normal except for one thing, when he gets laid off, he decides to pursue the Donkey Kong record.  As we start to find out more about his background, you realize this record is about something bigger and the way everything else is going in his life, you are pulling for this guy to do it.  As the movie progresses, you find out there’s a lot of obstacles in this guy’s way.  Mainly Billy Martin and his henchmen that are determined to ruin this guy’s chances. 

The movie rarely shows Donkey Kong footage, the movies focused on the characters, the competition, and the strange things people do to stay on top.  It’s sad, funny, and completely entertaining to see this weird sub-culture of people who have made their entire lives about video games. 

Do I Recommend It?

This is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  It’s a fairly low budget movie, the characters are really awkward and strange, but in a weird way, I could see this being a Wes Anderson masterpiece, and it’s a documentary.  You have an unbelievable cast of characters filled with quirks and motives, you have plot twists where you’re constantly wondering about what happens next, and in the end, you want the good guy to win so badly. 

I’m a geek, so I know this movie is in my sweet spot, but I really think a lot of people would love this movie, if you just have the patience to get past their weird occupations, goofy appearances, and the fact that this movie revolves around the world record in Donkey Kong. 

If anyone wants to borrow it, I’d be happen to loan it out.


I love walking away from my car and double tapping the Lock Doors button and hearing my car give me a little beep, it’s my car saying, “I got you covered Rob, enjoy your time in Gamestop, I’ll keep it locked down out here”.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Rambo, it’s been getting rave reviews and I’d love to see it sometime.  Here’s how I would rate my favorite war movies, but I haven’t seen Rambo yet, so it’s subject to change.

  1. Patton – The Movie is filled with amazing quotes, great action, it’s historically accurate, and one of the greatest scores ever.
  2. Saving Private Ryan – Revolutionized the way war movies are made, just horrible and amazing at once
  3. Band of Brothers – not really a movie, it’s a long series, but it is a better story than any single movie could tell and it looks just as great as any movie out there.  If you haven’t seen the box set yet, this is a must see. 
  4. Full Metal Jacket – I think I glorified war and the art of combat until I saw this movie, it just made the war look like the most disastrous occupations of mankind. 
  5. The Deer Hunter – On the same vein as Full Metal Jacket, but a little more disturbing.  Goodness gracious, I’ll never forget the Russian Roulette scene in the POW house.  Robert Dinero and Christopher Walken are superb.  It’s a long ass movie, but incredibly done, lots of tense, tense moments, ultimately leaving you pretty depressed.
  6. Letters From Iwo Jima/Flags of Our Fathers – It’s two movies made by Clint Eastwood, but I feel like you need to watch them both because they are about the same battle, but each told from a different vantage point, one from the US and one as Japanese.
  7. Apocalypse Now – A ton of great actors, some extremely memorable scenes and quotes, outstanding use of the Doors’ song The End, and even a Harrison Ford sighting!  The reason it doesn’t get any higher is because it gets a little fantastical for me.  
  8. Platoon – Decent war movie, extremely depressing, it would probably be rated higher, but Hot Shots Part Deux really hurt Charlie Sheen’s credibility as a reputable actor.

There’s a couple of war movies that I haven’t seen that could possibly make it on the list, I’m thinking All Quiet on the Western Front and Thin Red Line, I’ll have to rent those and see how they stack up. 

Here’s a couple of war movies that should be on the list, but I was afraid they would have hurt the list’s credibility:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Brave Heart
  3. Predator

Over Did it

I was too hungover yesterday to upload pictures from Darth Jayderr’s birthday party in Philadelphia.  I was pretty drunk and spent the majority of the night doing a Pee Wee Herman dance.  On Saturday morning, I had watched the Blues Brothers with Winston and I noticed that Pee Wee Herman was in the movie, he was a waiter at the fancy restaurant where John Belushi offers to buy the little girl.   I wasn’t positive that it was Pee Wee Herman, so I went to the greatest movie website ever to confirm,

The site confirmed that it was Pee Wee, but what was even more interesting, it looks like he’s developing a new Pee Wee’s Playhouse movie that is slated to come out in 2009.   I danced my ass off for Pee Wee on Saturday. 

In other news, I won the Madden tournament amongst my friends.  It looks like we’re debating whether our next game is going to be NHL Hockey or Tiger Woods golf. 


I’m going into Philly this weekend for a big birthday celebration.  We’ll be hitting a big club called McFadden’s.  The thing is, my wife loves to dance and this place really offers no shelter for a man who does not particularly enjoy dancing.  Sometimes, all the girls just gravitate to each other and they just dance among themselves, that will be the ideal scenario, but I’ll most likely end up dancing one way or another.  The key for me is to get a little tipsy, it may be mental, but I swear it makes my movements much more fluid. 

The problem with guys and dancing is that guys like weird dances, I’m a huge fan of the robot or break-dancing.  If I had to become a great dancer, I’d probably hone my skills as a great robot dancer.  The one thing that’s weird about break-dancing is that there’s always some weird competition going on during the dance, like one guy will do all his moves and then another guy jumps in and does his moves.  I would just prefer to be in the corner doing the robot. 

I wanted to add some spice to this blog entry by adding some videos, I am real proud of these 3 videos:

Video 1 – This kid does the robot dancing and if I could dance like anyone, it would be this kid (just imagine me in the corner of McFadden’s doing this, Jaclyn would eat it up!)

  Video 2 – Great break dancing

Video 3 – Bizarre break dancing accident – horrible and hilarious at the same time

For Jay

Jay Matthews loves the YouTube videos, here’s a couple that should brighten his day after I whooped him in Madden and advance to the Championships!

Nice redirection shot!

Not sure what this kid was trying to do, but this looks painful.

This kid has great moves until he trips getting off the machine

This guys a real Greg Louganis

You need the sound for this one, I really wish I was in this video.

President of the United States

Here’s some reasons why it is hard to believe that George W. Bush is our president:
*These reasons are based on the premise that the US President is the most intelligent, most qualified, has the best character, and is just the all-around best person to lead our country. 

  1. What are the odds that two people in the same family are both in the top .0000000000000000001% of Americans that fit the criteria to be worthy of presidential consideration?  It would almost be like 2 brothers playing quarterback in back to back Super Bowls!  Seriously though, Bill and Hillary, George H. Bush and George W. Bush, any time I see two people from the same family, it just smells funny.
  2. What the heck was his experience, he didn’t win the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, or any prize.  He worked for a pitiful Major League Baseball team.  He also got a job at his father’s oil company, but by all accounts, he wasn’t too successful at that job either.  What were people looking at when they voted for him, what did he do that made people say, “he is the greatest living American I can think of, he is someone I want as my president.
  3. He somehow managed to avoid the Vietnam War during an era that was so low on soldiers it needed to draft them.  I can understand trying to avoid a war when you’re asked to fight in one, you don’t want to die.  But I don’t agree with making other people going to war when you had the opportunity to fight in one yourself but did not. 

Listen, I am sure George W. Bush is a good guy and he’s got his heart in the right place (actually, I not sure of it, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume that I think George is a good guy), but I just think there’s probably 897,457 people out there that are better qualified.  People teaching at Ivy League Schools, people running successful business, churches, and people that really care about the environment, poverty, and the way America is perceived around the world.  But this is not my point.  My point is this, the American people elected someone who I think is far from the best candidate and America is still alive and well. 

I guess you could say, we’re fighting in an unjustified war with Iraq where thousands of young US soldiers have died, we’re waltzing into a recession, home prices are plummeting, every American is having their wires tapped, and any US Attorney General that was investigating Republican abuses of power has been wrongfully terminated, but honestly who cares?  We’ve got Brittany Spears and the Writers Strike to worry about.  I know that I have a big game of Madden coming up, if I win, I’m in the finals!

Winston Climbs

I meant to put this up earlier, it’s a video of Winston climbing onto the table.  It’s from December, so Winston was about 11 months old.