Auld Lang Syne

Happy New Years Everyone!

I am terribly sick, my eyes are all watery and my left nostril is very runny while my right nostril is clogged up.  I attribute my sickness to many late nights and an equal amount of early mornings over the past week, sprinkled with too much to drink on New Years Eve. 

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but the New Years Eve party was awesome.  I stayed up to 4AM, I don’t think I’ve stayed up to 4AM since BJ Gillian’s 11th Birthday Slumber Party back in 1988.   BJ Gillian’s party was pretty damn awesome too.  His parents relegated a room as the bouncy ball war zone.  BJ unveiled a huge tackle box filled with bouncy balls and shut the door.  The 12 of us just spent the entire night throwing bouncy balls at each other as hard as we could, I think if you bounced the ball off the wall and then hit someone it was considered extra special.  One last note about BJ’s birthday party, at 3AM we prank called the operator, we thought it was real funny until the operator called us back.  The phone just kept ringing and all of us were too afraid to pick it up.  Eventually, BJ’s father emerged from the bedroom and picked up the phone to learn that we prank called the operator.  He hung up the phone and told us to go to sleep. 

Asides from staying up to 4AM, our party had very little in common with BJ’s.  Jaclyn’s culinary expertise really brought a sophisticated, yet accessible variety of food.  But the real star of the show was the 3 different martinis that she whipped up throughout the night.  The Apple, the Pomegranate,  and the Espresso were all big hits.  We put together a little photo montage to Queen’s Somebody to Love and I think we watched it 3 times throughout the night, it was just a great time among great friends.  Thanks to everyone who came, it is wonderful to celebrate the new year with the friends who made the previous year so incredible. 

Oh, I believe Walt is fine.  He had to leave the party to have his appendix removed, my sister and him ended up spending the night in the hospital, but all is well now. 

Here’s a couple pictures from NYE and a picture of Winston before Christmas.

Naughty or Nice – You Decide!

Some of the ladies from NYE

Some more babes!

the gang

Honestly, just when you think he’s reached the peak of human existence, he brings it to the next level

Jaclyn at 4AM, she’s not pleased with the distasteful humor. 

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