Pandemic Flu

I’m driving home from work yesterday and I hear something to this extent:

All Things Considered is brought to you by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, reminding you that Pandemic Flu is a real threat and that you can find out more at


My first reaction was is probably the hardest website name to remember ever ( is a close second!).  But my second thought was, what the Hell is pandemic flu and is it really that bad. 

Well, pandemic flu is basically a really super horrible version of the flu that will travel from person to person and will be immune to all treatments.  The website goes on to say that many people will die and “it’s not if it will happen, it’s when it will happen”. 

There’s all kinds of information on the website about storing food, how to get involved in spreading awareness, how to best avoid the flu, etc. 

Personally, I’m not really that concerned about it.  Here’s how I’d break down my current concerns:

4 thoughts on “Pandemic Flu

  1. It seems like the Pandemic Flu does come in a distant 2nd on your list. I would say that is still pretty important in your life. Wire tapping is much higher on my list. People are always trying to steal my identity. Are you getting those retina scanners soon? Why don’t people come to this site anymore? Love 🙂 Toad


  2. It is a little sad to see the comments becoming a little less frequent. I hope Walton, Gross, Mitchell, and the gang are all okay. I was slacking on my blog entries in November and December, but I promise an upswing.


  3. I’m loving your new enthusiasm. Everyday I check this site hoping you just write something. Recently it’s a treat every day. Loved the Ben F. info about the turkey. Now I hate bald eagles and want to kill off the remaining 75 in the world. There was a movie with the guy that played Tackleberry from the Police Academy series, David Graf. It was a comedy set during the Salem Witch Trials. Anyway, I think it was a young Kelly Preston the threw some curse on him and he thought a turkey was a girl and tried to have sex with it. I hope the greatest man ever, Ben Franklin never tried to have sex with a turkey. I did hear that Ben was in to porn. Seriously!!!


  4. Whatever happened to your song recommendations. Have you stopped listen to music a hole? you’ve forced me to start getting sound recommenations from Moose and Matt Wood.


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