Sports Heros & Turkey Talk

I recently saw T.O.’s press conference after his team lost to the New York Giants, he cries and begs the media not to blame his Quarterback Tony Romo.  I love watching this clip, because I was almost starting to miss his receiving prowess in Philadelphia.

One player that I miss in Philadelphia is Allen Iverson.  Honestly, who the hell pays to see the Sixers anymore?  This guy was not the ideal team player, but he was worth watching.  I haven’t watched a Sixers game or highlight since he left.  Here’s my favorite Iverson highlight.

I couldn’t find any great clips, but I miss Randall Cunningham.  I am a believer in Donovan McNabb and I appreciate what McNabb has done for Philly, but Randall Cunningham just had an electricity about him that made you get on the edge of your seat every time he touched the ball.  As a Quarterback, he could throw the ball over 70 yards in the air, he was probably just as fast and elusive as Brian Westbrook, and he has one of the all-time greatest punts in NFL history, he was amazing. 

One last thing, I was talking about how Benjamin Franklin was the greatest human being ever.  He found the University of Penn, invented bi-focals, flippers, created postal systems, fire departments, electricity in lightening, Franklin and Marshall college and the list goes on and on.  But I couldn’t figure out why he wanted a turkey to be the national emblem and not the eagle.  Well I did some research and I found out his reasoning.  The Eagle actually steals its food from fishing hawks that actually catch the fish, the Eagle is a thief.  The turkey is proud and protects his land and stands up against intruders, he felt the turkey standing up to intruders would be symbolic of America standing up to invading England. 

2 thoughts on “Sports Heros & Turkey Talk

  1. It never gets old watching TO cry over his quarterback. I don’t really want to make fun of him, because this is one of the few times during his career in the NFL when he has showed that he really cares about anything. I guess when he cares he really cares. It was still pretty funny, but like I said; good to see that TO cares about the game.


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