Martin Luther King Jr. Day AKA Most Depressing Day in America,8599,1704887,00.html

The above article was released by Time magazine, it’s all about a formula calculating America’s depression level and how the overall level of depression in America is at it’s peak on the third Monday of January.  I thought that it was in bad taste for CNN to be running this as their overall headline last night, I mean, with it being Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and everything.  When I told Jaclyn, she said it all makes perfect sense because it is depressing that MLK was assassinated. 

Speaking of depressing, I’ve watched two animal programs over the last couple of months that showed the dominant Guerrilla or Hippo attacking and killing infant males within their clans.  They do this for two reasons:
A:  it wipes out potential competition for the top spot, these babies won’t grow up and try to compete with them
B:  it stops the women from attending to their babies and allows them to be available for procreating with the top male.

With all this being said, I’m far from depressed, there’s a bunch of really good things coming down the pike for me.  I can’t reveal now, but January should yield some great news for Robert Deem.

This weekend, we made an impulse decision to visit New York City and meet up with Jaclyn’s friends, Kristin and Kyle Mehling.  We had a great time and spent most of the day in Central Park and the Natural History Museum.  There’s a million great places to eat in NYC, but we found a cool little restaurant called VYNL that had menus made from record covers.  I had a seared tuna wrap sprinkled with a healthy amount of wasabi. 

Sunday’s highlight was meeting up with Jen and Jay as we watched the Patriots mow down the helpless Chargers.  Thank you Jen and Jay for letting Winston feed you Chex Mix and creating a big ol’ mess in your apartment. 

Here’s a couple of pics from NYC:
Some dinosaur bones at the Museum of Natural History

A pic of the Empire State Building, I think Jack took it from my sun roof

The skyline as we drive back home

2 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Jr. Day AKA Most Depressing Day in America

  1. Martin Luther is a very special and important person to me. He did lots of things for the blacks. I have decided to honor him by having a black man in the background of my new album cover. Benny, my Dad’s butler, will be featured prominently opening the door to our house as we come home from a hard days work. I think it’s good that my Dad gave Benny a chance when no one else would. Sometimes we even let him eat with us! I would also like to honor my father on this very special day. He, along with Martin Luther, should be recognized all over the world today for all of the great things they do for the black community. At my next gig I will be handing out a free copy of my new cd to the 500th african american to come through the door. I can’t wait to see who is number 500! So come on out everybody! I may even call a black person up on stage! Ta Ta! Or should I say, Word to your Mother;)Jenny


  2. Oh girl, you are really going back to the country’s roots on this one! You are so giving! At my last concert I called up a handicapped person to sit in the front row! He didn’t want to at first (I think he was embarrased), but I insisted. Special people should be treated specially. He was so close he could have reached out touched me if the bouncer wasn’t there. Thank god for that bouncer, who knows what that handicapped person had on his hands! My point is that black people are special just like handicapped people are. We should treat them with equality everyday and not just once a year. I think that you, your dad and I are setting the example. We rock!


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