President of the United States

Here’s some reasons why it is hard to believe that George W. Bush is our president:
*These reasons are based on the premise that the US President is the most intelligent, most qualified, has the best character, and is just the all-around best person to lead our country. 

  1. What are the odds that two people in the same family are both in the top .0000000000000000001% of Americans that fit the criteria to be worthy of presidential consideration?  It would almost be like 2 brothers playing quarterback in back to back Super Bowls!  Seriously though, Bill and Hillary, George H. Bush and George W. Bush, any time I see two people from the same family, it just smells funny.
  2. What the heck was his experience, he didn’t win the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, or any prize.  He worked for a pitiful Major League Baseball team.  He also got a job at his father’s oil company, but by all accounts, he wasn’t too successful at that job either.  What were people looking at when they voted for him, what did he do that made people say, “he is the greatest living American I can think of, he is someone I want as my president.
  3. He somehow managed to avoid the Vietnam War during an era that was so low on soldiers it needed to draft them.  I can understand trying to avoid a war when you’re asked to fight in one, you don’t want to die.  But I don’t agree with making other people going to war when you had the opportunity to fight in one yourself but did not. 

Listen, I am sure George W. Bush is a good guy and he’s got his heart in the right place (actually, I not sure of it, but for argument’s sake, let’s assume that I think George is a good guy), but I just think there’s probably 897,457 people out there that are better qualified.  People teaching at Ivy League Schools, people running successful business, churches, and people that really care about the environment, poverty, and the way America is perceived around the world.  But this is not my point.  My point is this, the American people elected someone who I think is far from the best candidate and America is still alive and well. 

I guess you could say, we’re fighting in an unjustified war with Iraq where thousands of young US soldiers have died, we’re waltzing into a recession, home prices are plummeting, every American is having their wires tapped, and any US Attorney General that was investigating Republican abuses of power has been wrongfully terminated, but honestly who cares?  We’ve got Brittany Spears and the Writers Strike to worry about.  I know that I have a big game of Madden coming up, if I win, I’m in the finals!

23 thoughts on “President of the United States

  1. You Go Girl! Speaking of BIG, I have a huge announcement regarding my career that I will be making very soon. The only clue that I can give is to get your dancing shoes on! Woohoo! Love you!


  2. Listen Rob I’ve been to Dave’s blog and noticed someone left a comment, as me, saying I liked his blog better. That’s crap. Your blog is the only blog for me. Some times I read off to your blog 5 or six times in a night. And as far as him rating stuff I don’t think that’s cool. Of course people are going to flock to the site that rates stuff, it’s only natural. I suggest you rate more stuff on your site. Take Ed’s idea and rate your friends. Or rate Pink Floyd Songs, or RedSox, or wrestlers, or rate Dave’s entries. I’d give them all 0/5’s. Hahaha High Five.PeaceThe Real JM


  3. If I had to rank my friends real fast without an explanation it’d be…10. Jeff C9. Moose8. Jay7. Matt Wood6. Rob5. John Wainright4. Andrew3. The Edman2. Dave1. Sam the Butcher


  4. I recently gave Dave some advice on how to keep a good blog. Sucka.We all know it’s all about rating stuff. Ed thanks for an early preview into your friendship rankings.If I had to rank my favorite 3 movies that I’ve seen in January it be…3. Anne B. Real2. You Got Served1. Mosquito Coast


  5. I would like to rank my friends too.1. Brian2. Greg3. Brian4. Fitzko5. Jay6. Adam7. Dorian8. Joe9. Marcus10. Josh11. Tim12. Matt Wood13. Borstein14. Brien Taylor15. Jared16. Brad Kulhep17. Brad Bernhart18. Lillian19. Don Foy20. Mr. Rittenhouse21. Travis Blumgren22. The Umpire23. Rob Deem24. Dan Volrath25. Andy Kane


  6. I would like to rank my favorite guys in the world.1. My brother Matt2. Brian Kane3. Jay4. Bill Kane5. Adam Sandler6. Andrew Kane7. Lillian


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