I’m going into Philly this weekend for a big birthday celebration.  We’ll be hitting a big club called McFadden’s.  The thing is, my wife loves to dance and this place really offers no shelter for a man who does not particularly enjoy dancing.  Sometimes, all the girls just gravitate to each other and they just dance among themselves, that will be the ideal scenario, but I’ll most likely end up dancing one way or another.  The key for me is to get a little tipsy, it may be mental, but I swear it makes my movements much more fluid. 

The problem with guys and dancing is that guys like weird dances, I’m a huge fan of the robot or break-dancing.  If I had to become a great dancer, I’d probably hone my skills as a great robot dancer.  The one thing that’s weird about break-dancing is that there’s always some weird competition going on during the dance, like one guy will do all his moves and then another guy jumps in and does his moves.  I would just prefer to be in the corner doing the robot. 

I wanted to add some spice to this blog entry by adding some videos, I am real proud of these 3 videos:

Video 1 – This kid does the robot dancing and if I could dance like anyone, it would be this kid (just imagine me in the corner of McFadden’s doing this, Jaclyn would eat it up!)

  Video 2 – Great break dancing

Video 3 – Bizarre break dancing accident – horrible and hilarious at the same time

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