I love walking away from my car and double tapping the Lock Doors button and hearing my car give me a little beep, it’s my car saying, “I got you covered Rob, enjoy your time in Gamestop, I’ll keep it locked down out here”.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Rambo, it’s been getting rave reviews and I’d love to see it sometime.  Here’s how I would rate my favorite war movies, but I haven’t seen Rambo yet, so it’s subject to change.

  1. Patton – The Movie is filled with amazing quotes, great action, it’s historically accurate, and one of the greatest scores ever.
  2. Saving Private Ryan – Revolutionized the way war movies are made, just horrible and amazing at once
  3. Band of Brothers – not really a movie, it’s a long series, but it is a better story than any single movie could tell and it looks just as great as any movie out there.  If you haven’t seen the box set yet, this is a must see. 
  4. Full Metal Jacket – I think I glorified war and the art of combat until I saw this movie, it just made the war look like the most disastrous occupations of mankind. 
  5. The Deer Hunter – On the same vein as Full Metal Jacket, but a little more disturbing.  Goodness gracious, I’ll never forget the Russian Roulette scene in the POW house.  Robert Dinero and Christopher Walken are superb.  It’s a long ass movie, but incredibly done, lots of tense, tense moments, ultimately leaving you pretty depressed.
  6. Letters From Iwo Jima/Flags of Our Fathers – It’s two movies made by Clint Eastwood, but I feel like you need to watch them both because they are about the same battle, but each told from a different vantage point, one from the US and one as Japanese.
  7. Apocalypse Now – A ton of great actors, some extremely memorable scenes and quotes, outstanding use of the Doors’ song The End, and even a Harrison Ford sighting!  The reason it doesn’t get any higher is because it gets a little fantastical for me.  
  8. Platoon – Decent war movie, extremely depressing, it would probably be rated higher, but Hot Shots Part Deux really hurt Charlie Sheen’s credibility as a reputable actor.

There’s a couple of war movies that I haven’t seen that could possibly make it on the list, I’m thinking All Quiet on the Western Front and Thin Red Line, I’ll have to rent those and see how they stack up. 

Here’s a couple of war movies that should be on the list, but I was afraid they would have hurt the list’s credibility:

  1. Star Wars
  2. Brave Heart
  3. Predator

6 thoughts on “Debris

  1. This has gone to far. It’s not funny anymore, it’s creepy. I can’t believe someone has the time to go seeaching the interest for things about East alumni. Did anyone notice that Jamin left a comment on the Ryan link? Eddie, you got to stop this shit, it’s just creepy.


  2. who knew that naragon took up yard work? weird. congratulations on the award though. it’s nice to see a home town kid making good in the world.


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