3 Sheets To The Wind

Last night we were all wondering the origin of the phrase, “3 sheets to the wind”. 

This is what I found on members.aol.com/MorelandC/HaveOriginsData.htm

Three sheets to the wind


Meaning: Very drunk, highly intoxicated
Example:  The groom made it to the alter, but was three sheets to the wind.
The phrase comes from 18th-19th century English Naval terminology.  The original phrase was “three Sheets in the wind” and referred tp tje erratic behavior of a ship that has lost control of all of its sails. 

In nautical terminology sheets are the ropes that adjust the position of the sails relative to the wind. 

The speed and direction of a sailing ship is controlled by the number of sails raised on each mast, the angle of the sails to the wind (trim of the sails), and the position of the rudder.  If the sheets used to control the sails are to break or are have been released, the sheet is said to be “in the wind”.

Prior to the 1810’s it was common for ships to have three masts.  If the sheets for all three masts are “in the wind”, the ship loses all steering control.  The ships lack of control is related to a stumbling drunk.

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The Edman had the great idea of getting the gang together for a night out at Big Heads in Plumbsteadville.  We picked this bar because it’s typically not crowded and they have amazing mini-burgers (sliders) and the best wings I’ve ever tasted.  We got to the bar and there was just a couple of people hanging out, they had a TV watching Versus (formerly the Outdoor Channel) and it was a show about these hunters tracking a huge elephant.  To my amazement, they got about 100 yards away from the big elephant and shot it, the enormous creature collapsed onto the ground, they ran up to it and shot it again.  It was horrible and amazing, I had no idea people were still allowed to shoot elephants. 

Shortly after the elephant was shot down, the Flyers came on and things started to pick up.  We asked for some menus to we could order some of the best bar food on this side of the Mississippi, but we were told that the kitchen was closed until March (it’s our luck that we came during a leap year!).  We negotiated with the bartender and she agreed to let us have Pizza Hut deliver food to the bar and that ended up being an excellent alternative. 

So, a couple of days ago, I received a package from Dave with a mix CD, at the bar, Ed brought Andy a mix CD and Jay brought Ed a mix CD, and he also gave me a copy of his mix CD.  All of us were receiving or exchanging CDs, it was really weird, I felt like, well…I’m not sure how I felt about it, but it was pretty weird. 

Jay’s CD was awesome.  You can tell the guy’s about to get married to the girl of his dreams.  All the songs are upbeat and he even threw in some corny old songs that epitomize infatuation.  I loved the old soul songs and the cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” (I did not like this cover as much as the original, but the original is one of my favorite songs ever).  He also threw in “She’s a Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones, another one of my all-time favorites.  The CD introduced me to some new stuff, including a wild rap song sung by a kid obsessed with violence, I loved it. 

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to make a CD for Laurie and I actually put two of them together.  I finished the CDs and then fell asleep for 6 hours in the middle of the day, I was exhausted and the CDs were pretty mellow, borderline depressing.  Anyways, that crazy rap song on Jay’s CD in combination with the great African elephant hunt has me pumped to make a CD with a ghetto tribal feel, afro beats and gun shots.  I’ll have to listen to it in my car away from Winston, it will be my guilty pleasure this Spring. 

If anyone’s interested in getting a copy, just let me know.  I’m not going to force it out because I suspect it will be somewhat abrasive and it won’t be right for everyone. 

In Dedication To David Seeton

We received a package from Dave yesterday, it contained a couple CDs, a DVD, and a Bob Dylan t-shirt for Winston.  The t-shirt says, “Times They Are A Changin” and it’s funky and kind of psychedelic like Milton Glaser’s famous portrait of him. 

One of the CDs was a mix CD titled “No Time”.  It was a really mellow mix that took me back to the days where Dave and I used to go to the Moose in Doylestown after all the other bars closed at 2AM.  We’d hang out at the Moose from 2AM to 4AM on a lot of Friday and Saturday nights.  They had a jukebox filled with hidden gems from off the beaten path artists.  I guess you could say the jukebox was for music snobs, but for most of the people hanging out at the Moose at 3AM, music was about all we had, so we took it pretty seriously. 

As Jaclyn came into the picture, the Moose faded out.  The weird thing about the Moose was, we weren’t at the bar in the early morning to get drunk or to find chicks, we just weren’t content with sleeping.  We played this pool game where everyone in the bar would put in $1 to play this game called 3-Ball.  To win 3-Ball, you’d have to sink 3 balls in the least amount of shots.  I never won, but Dave won a lot.  The Moose was the only bar that I’d ever been to where the patrons really admired outstanding pool players.  Dave had a lot of street cred at the Moose.  I sucked at pool and wasn’t officially a member, Dave was a member and a great pool player, he was Batman and I was Robin. 

Anyways, the music was mellow and a lot of times depressing, but it wasn’t depressing to be there, it was more reflective than anything.  It was like the opposite of church, but strangely similar. 

It was great to hear the CD and some great new music discovered off the Pacific Coast Highway.

Thanks for the package, the shirt will fit Winston perfectly, he’s getting big.

Fishing the Delaware River – Milford & Upper Black Eddy

Here it comes, the first fishing tutorial from Robert Deem.  I know that most of my readers could care less about fishing, but if anyone ever wants to go on a nice relaxing float trip down the Delaware with me, I’d love to take you and I guarantee that you catch fish. 

The above map is a picture of the Delaware River from the Milford/Upper Black Eddy Bridge.  This is the town just north of Frenchtown.  I have placed numbers on the map to show you my preferred spots:

1.  Whenever our raft floats through the center pillars of this bridge, we will almost always catch a fish.  It’s pretty deep here (relative to the other parts of the river here), about 9 or 10 feet deep.  It has decent current and big eddies that form behind the pillars, we’ve caught smallmouth bass, striped bass, and catfish here.

2.  Tiny island, really shallow water and fast current.  It’s a great spot, but you are drifting so fast, you’ll only get one or two casts, so make them good.  Cast your lure or bait about two feet from the island.  Smallmouth are plentiful here.

3.  This is a bigger island and there’s enough worthwhile spots here to actually park your raft, canoe, or kayak (this water is way too shallow for a boat with a motor).  The current is still very strong here and it’s pretty shallow.  Lots of overhanging brush that provide nice ambush opportunities for bass, cast your lure or bait so it drifts through those ambush zones.  The eddy behind the island and the Pennsylvania side are not very good spots, focus your attention on the Jersey side of the island.

4.  This island is the exception, stay on the PA side of this island.  The current really rips through here and there’s some much brush, you can’t park your boat, you need to drift really close to the island and throw your bait as close to the brush without getting snagged. 

The next fishing map will start from the bottom of this map and we’ll work our way down to Lambertville by the time we’re done. 


I’m not going to get into all the details, but I have a lot of stuff going on in my life.  I just want to say two things about this:

  1. I am trying very hard.  I really believe that if you try your hardest, even if you fail, it’s not the end of the world.  You learn from these trials and you cannot blame yourself, because you did everything you could.  I feel pretty confident that I try very hard in a lot that I do.
  2. I am really appreciative for my family.  It is wonderful to know that no matter how crazy things get, you have people in your corner, you have people who will stand up for you, give you a lift when you need it.  I really feel fortunate to have such a wonderful family and an amazing wife. 

I know the above section was abbreviated and somewhat cryptic, but it’s too long of a story otherwise.  In the end, it comes down to the two points above.

On to more interesting things.  I want to say that I have no beef with anyone.  I can’t think of a single person that I hate or that I wish bad things upon.  Lately, when I put my headphones on and chat with people playing on Xbox Live, I come across a ton of people who say incredibly ignorant things.  I think it’s only about 10% of the population that says these things, but they are always the loudest and you remember them because they are saying racist and ignorant crap.  I hate this, but my power to actually do anything to punish these individuals in limited.  I typically file a complaint and if they have enough complaints filed against them, they get banned from the online service. 

I know that many people in other countries hate Americans even though they don’t know many individual Americans.  So, I try to be extra nice to people who appear foreign, especially if someone is foreign and wearing a turban.   A lot of times, when I’m at the gas station and an attendant with a turban walks up to my car, I try to be the most polite and happy American this man has ever encountered.  It’s my small part for world peace. 

But here’s the deal, I wonder if I do it because I am scared that he hates Americans and he could potentially be plotting something evil and that my brief and friendly encounter will make him reconsider, or do I do it because I want everyone in the world to be happier and friendlier.  I honestly think I want people to just be happier. 

Going to school at Temple, I had to walk from the train station into campus.  You had to walk about 3 blocks through some really rough neighborhoods.  There were little phone booth style security centers, a police office would sit in the little booth and make sure no students got attacked on their walk to campus.  I remember getting a lot of verbal and non-verbal encouragement to stay out of the neighborhood.  In fact, there was a Folger’s billboard that had, “Fuck you white Temple Students – Stay Out of Our Neighborhood!” spray painted on it.  I think a lot about that neighborhood, I wonder what I can or could have done to make us understand each other better. 

Winston is starting to copy a lot of the things that I do.  If I drink from a big plastic cup, he needs to drink from a big plastic cup, if I bang the beat of a song onto the table, he starts banging on the table.  It amazing to have someone look up to you, but it’s also a tremendous responsibility.  I hope Winston grows up in a world where’s there’s a little less fear and hatred.

Mayor Nagins Was Wrong, Hershey is the Chocolate City

I’m not sure any of you have noticed, but my blogs have been broken up into different categories.  I don’t categorize by subject, it’s been strictly chronological.  We started off with Foundation, the Song of the Blog, then Blog Skillz, and now we’re into the newest chapter called, “The Mix-Up”.  I like this chapter name, it just sounds like fun and chicanery.  If I opened up a store or a restaurant or a bar, I’d call it, “The Mix-Up”.

This summer, I am going to start providing Delaware River fishing tips and reports.  I know this will bore the Hell out of most of my readers, but it might help out some dude googling about Smallmouth Bass in Frenchtown. 

This weekend, we made a spontaneous decision to head down to Hershey, PA.  We wanted a hotel that ha an indoor pool and access to family friendly activities.  It turns out Hershey is a pretty good way to spend a weekend.  There’s two hotels affiliated with Hershey:

1.  The Hershey Hotel – A fancy hotel built for the affluent couple looking for a luxurious and relaxing weekend.  There’s a restaurant in there that is world renowned and the chef was formerly employed at the White House.   I think it’s called the Circular Restaurant.

2.  The Hershey Lodge – This is the “family friendly” resort that is a little noisy and filled with kids.  It has a great indoor pool in a big glass building, a little wading pool for toddlers, and a big hot tub.  There was 4 restaurants inside, ranging from sports bar to a humble attempt at an upscale contemporary restaurant.  A funny story about the upscale contemporary restaurant, it’s called the Hershey Grill, they have a huge water selection.  They have over 15 bottles of water to choose from, ranging from $2.50 to $45 for a bottle of water. 

We stayed at the Hershey Lodge and it was affordable, we enjoyed the pool, the restaurants we’re very reasonable and the food was tasty.  In the lobby, you could always find a Hershey mascot, like a giant walking Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup guy or Peppermint Patty.  I’ll attach a picture of Winston and I standing next to a big Hershey Kiss guy, Winston looks pissed off and he was particularly non-trusting of Peppermint Patty. 

The hotel accommodations included admission to Hershey World, the Hershey Museum, and we even got 3 full sized Hershey bars upon checking in.  We ate a lot of chocolate in Hershey. 

On Sunday, I got up early and treaded water in the pool for about 30 minutes, it tired me out.  I kept thinking about the Magnum PI episode where Magnum had to treat water for 24 hours, I was 30 minutes in and getting bored and tired already.  I got out and sat in the hot tub. 

I went back to the room, woke Jack and Win and we packed up and headed to the Hershey Hotel to see some Project Runway dresses that Jaclyn wanted to see, apparently there was a competition on that show that required fashion designers to make dresses out of Hershey materials.  Jaclyn loves the show and loved the display. 

Then we headed to Chocolate World.  We got free amusement ride type thing that showed us how Chocolate was made that featured singing cows, flashing lights, and an inspiring story about the health benefits of candy.  After that ride, I was never so excited to eat chocolate!  Hershey World is like Wonka’s Factory on steroids, no Oompa Lumpas, but it was pretty freaking awesome.  We loaded up on a bunch of fun stuff including personalized Hershey Bars with our pictures on them. 

Next we hit up the Hershey Zoo, it wasn’t the most spectacular zoo, but we managed to get a reaction out of a Mountain Lion and a crocodile which was more excitement than anything I’ve been able to muster up at any other zoo.  We saw some black bears, bison, and an elk, but those animals were laying low. 

On our way home, we stopped at the redneck capital of the world, Cabela’s.  This place has all kinds of hunting and fishing gear.  They also have a free aquarium and mounted animals all over the place, this was the last leg of our trip.

Hershey is a great place to go on a budget.  They also have outlet stores, but we didn’t have the time to check them out. 

This was part of our tour of the factory, we were on a little roller coaster thing that took us through the tour.

The zoo, we’re next to a lynx

At Cabela’s


General Manager

Yesterday I got to stay at home thanks to about 6 inches of snow.  My typical commute to Parsippany lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  On a day when I leave real early or real late, I can get there in just under an hour, on days where I hit the heaviest rush hour, it can take 2 hours, and on a snowy day like yesterday, it takes about 3 hours.  So I was very happy when work was canceled. 

I ended up being pretty busy at home though, we have a big video shoot coming up for our product and we needed to get the script finalized and approved so we could get it into the teleprompters on Monday so every thing would be ready when we actual make the video on Tuesday.  I had to track down the brand manager who’s based in Switzerland, but was traveling for business and was in London.  Once we got her buy in, I had to get the head of regulatory affairs to approve the script, he was in Jersey.  Since we had a snow day, my whole team was scattered across Jersey and New York.  And during all of this craziness, Winston was keeping everything in perspective by banging on the TV, randomly yelling, and trying to dislodge my cell phone from my ear.  Script was approved by noon and it was time to spend some “quality time” with the fam (the cool way to refer to your family is “the fam”).

We bundled Winston up into a snow suit and got him situated into his hot red sports car and took a cruise through Frenchtown.  Our destination was the IGA Supermarket where we picked up some Smart Balance (it’s funny, I have no idea what the benefits of Smart Balance are, but I just take their word for it, I am an easily influenced consumer, they could put “Drink this and it will make you a genius” on a can of Coors Light and I’d just assume they were telling the truth), Tostidos with a Hint of Lime, Salsa, and a Gallon of Iced Tea. 

So softball season is coming up.  We need to order jerseys.  I’m the manager of the team and I have actually been a little worried about my team this year.  Last year we lost 75% of our games across a 24 game stretch.  We were demoralized and some people left our team (one person almost moved to North Caroline because of the whole ordeal!).  I’ve always been pretty laid back with the softball thing, but it just wasn’t fun losing all the time, it wasn’t horrible either, I’d take playing a losing game of softball over shoe shopping at the Montgomeryville Mall, but I don’t want to lose 75% of our games this year.  I want to improve.  As general manager, I have been thinking of ideas on how to make the team improve and ran a couple ideas by Jaclyn on our walk.  One idea that generated violent opposition from Jaclyn was the idea that the Bulldogs needed team showers.  I think this is how she responded to the idea of a Bulldog team shower, “it would mess up your friendships, play on the field, and all around lives”.  It got me thinking, team showers are really weird, or maybe we’re weird for being so uncomfortable in them. 

I remember on the high school football team, we utilized the team showers a lot because you were so disgusting after a game or practice, you couldn’t put your regular clothes back on until you showered.  There was several instances where players received a lot of inspection and scrutiny for weird rashes, abnormalities, and general deviations from the ideal body type.  There was one kid who was pretty much anonymous before the football locker room, but emerged as a golden god because he was well endowed, I am sure the locker room shower has changed many lives.

Hanging Out?

I am getting some serious cabin fever.  Now that football is over and baseball hasn’t started (at least it hasn’t started in the 49 states that don’t begin with F), I am getting really stir crazy.  The weather is cold enough that you don’t want to do anything outside, it’s just annoying.  I really wonder if there are any benefits of living in a place where it is freaking cold for half the year.  Would our lives be better off in a beautiful town in Florida where you could play softball all year round, swim in the ocean all year round, and go fishing all year round?  It just sounds like paradise. 

So what to do? 

Maybe we should have a game night?  Anyone feel like coming over to Frenchtown and firing up some drinking games, maybe play some Pac Man, Guitar Hero, cards?  Does the mythical Edman want to have people over to play some Wii?  Let me know if anyone’s down for getting together, it’s been awhile since we’ve all seen each other.