One thing about blogging is, you really see how wrong you are at times.  If you look at my last entry, you can that I really botched my Super Bowl prediction.  I had the Patriots destroying the Giants 46-10.  Now, I’m at work in Giants country, northern New Jersey, listening to all of these chumps rant and rave about how their team won the greatest Super Bowl ever. 

Honestly, it makes me sick. 

The Giants played a great game, they deserved the win, but I still think they’re frauds.  How in the world did Eli freaking Manning become such a great quarterback?  It’s not just me, I listen to Sports radio, I watch ESPN, I check Sports Illustrated’s website every day, and for the entire season, every person in America thought that Eli was an unproven chump that had no right being in the NFL, he was just playing because his last name was Manning.  The guy looked phenomenal last night, but I don’t buy it, he just has to come crashing back to earth some time and you will hear my diabolical laugh in the distance, or maybe I will just appear over your shoulder, laughing.

It’s snowing up here in New Jersey and the radio stations are drunk with happiness, co-workers pass my door with their Michael Strahan jersey on and yell we’re number 1 as they pass my office. 

Honestly, I am getting more and more depressed the  more I think about it.  You know what really made me want to cry?  The radio station was encouraging all the fathers out there to have their kid skip school tomorrow and to take them to the parade in New York City.  I wondered if Winston and I will ever have a chance to go to the parade in Philly for the Eagles. 

I’ve been such a good fan, I follow the Eagles every game, I have my Eagles jersey, I cheered for them when they sucked, I cheered for them when they were good, I loved T.O., I hated T.O., I’ve done everything a fan could do and what do I have to show for it?  A rat impostor named Eli walking around with the Lombardi Super Bowl trophy. 

This is the kind of stuff that makes you question the football Gods. 

All I want is to go to a f-ing parade, I’ll take a parade for the Eagles or the Philly’s, I’ll do anything, I’ll wax Rocky’s sculpture, I’ll eat 100 dollar dogs, I’d even cheer for Jose Mesa if that’s what it took. 

Football God, I just don’t know how you let all my Giant co-workers bath in your glory?  Please show me a sign you exist, have the Eagles sign a great wide receiver, have the Philly’s get another starting pitcher or a center fielder who can hit better than Shane Victorino.  I need a sign because when you let Eli Manning win the Super Bowl, we have to have some doubts in your competency. 

10 thoughts on “Soothsayer

  1. hey rob, i have to chime in a little bit on this one. nobody is claiming that Eli is a top 5 or even top 10 QB. his stats weren’t off the charts in any of the playoff games, but his team still won. it was really a total team effort. you said he looked phenomenal last night, but i disagree. he looked good, he didn’t make mistakes and he got the job done. he didn’t have to be phenomenal. phenomenal is Brady throwing 5 touchdown against the buffalo bills. nobody is claiming that The Giants are one of the best teams of all time. what they are, though, is the Super Bowl Champions. they won 4 games in a row in the playoffs. there is nothing fraudulant about that. it happened. i don’t expect eli to not go back to being an inconsistent above average starter. nobody is claiming he is as good as Peyton or Brady or Kevin Kolb (ok, that was a joke). but it takes more than just one guy to make it happen. you can laugh all you want if they don’t make the playoffs and the eagles beat them twice next year. because it doesn’t matter. he did it this year and brought home the trophy. just because a team won that wasn’t suppossed to win it doesn’t make them frauds. think phillies winning the division on the last day this season…i understand your sour grapes.its ok, we can still be friends. you really some help in the friendship rankings if you want to keep the title, though.


  2. I get it, the Giants played a great game, but it’s just very frustrating as an Eagles fan.The Eagles have been perennial division leaders of the NFC. We looked at Andy Reid like he was a genius, NYC wanted to fire Coughlin. Donovan McNabb was on pace to set single season records before he was injured and NYC was saying how Eli Manning was a huge draft mistake. The Eagles defense is coached by the great Jim Johnson and the Giants grabbed his disciple Steve Spagnuola. The Giants aren’t a terrible team, but they certainly weren’t the team that many people expected to win or deserved to win before the actual Super Bowl was played. The Giants played a great game and deserved to win the Super Bowl, but for an Eagles fan it was like watching your geeky retarded little brother steal your girlfriend. It makes you think two things:1. Am I becoming more retarded? And in the Eagles case, the answer is a resounding yes (probably in my case too!)2. Is this just a fluke or does this kid really have a chance to be the real deal? In my opinion, the Giants are a young team with the Playoffs indicating that they are trending towards improvement, but I just can’t swallow that yet. I mean, the Giants came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. I know you will enjoy this victory, but as a Philadelphia fan, it just makes me sick. I guess it really hurts because as much as I don’t think the Giants will repeat this victory, I see no reason to be optimistic for the Eagles next year. With the Mets signing Santana, it could be a rough year for the Phils as well. I just want a freaking Championship in Philadelphia.


  3. I love that I make appearances on Rob’s blog even if it isn’t me. I like that I have people that know exactly what I would have written, even though I didn’t. But what I love most, is that other people have seen Jay’s spelling of simple words to be as absurd as I have.F the Giants, F TGIFridays, and (a lot of people didn’t want me to say this, but I’m going to anyway) F Dalton Books.


  4. Eddie goes around offering free pizza to people, then he back stabs them by commenting on my spelling and grammar, and all the while saying I have nothing to fuck’n say. Then Dave chimes in with his 2 cents. The mother fucker campaigned for George Bush because of Jen Walton and voted for him. The 2:34PM Jay is right, I’m fucking done with this site. I’ll read it because I like to hear what Rob has to say and have side conversations with him. F Eddie and his “I have to much time on my hands” and fuck Dave and his 4.5/5 star website.


  5. I’m going to write a song about Jay’s struggle to express himself. His spelling mistakes represent the mistakes he feels he made in his life, but the reason he takes it so personally is because he is trying make right the mistakes that he is now aware of. He wants to move on, but the people that should support him most keep holding him back. Our past is something that we have all tried to escape at some point in our lives, but Jay’s struggle is in the public eye which makes it an impossible task.I’ll make it a hidden track on my next cd.


  6. Lets make the song about me and not about Jay, though. People would be much more interested in what I’m doing. It would cool. My Dad could pay for the studio time.


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