Octopus Love – I Was Meant To Be Asian

Howdy folks!  Well, the big Valentine’s Day is coming and to celebrate, I’m taking Jaclyn to a little restaurant in Upper Black Eddy called Tara.

The restaurant does not advertise and you can’t just walk in, you need to have reservations and ring a doorbell when you arrive.  Other than that, I know nothing about this place.  I will give it a full review when I’m back on Monday. 

We’re celebrating a little before actual Valentine’s day so we can actually have more time with each other, we’d have to rush if we did it on a work night.  For the actual Valentine’s Day present, I didn’t want to go with the typical candy or flowers, I wanted to do something that was fun and kind of unusual.  I think I found a neat present, but I can’t disclose because there’s a small possibility Jaclyn might actually read my blog before then. 

Since I’m in such a romantic mood, I felt a nice romantic video would compliment this entry, I typed in “Octopus Love” into www.youtube.com and this video came up.  It’s apparently from a show called, “Kure, Kure, Takora” which means Gimme, Gimmie, Octopus. 

I love stuff like this, a lot of Asian videos, animation, video games utilize such far out mind boggling concepts and images that it’s impossible not to be drawn in.  I love the dead crow in this video. 

With that, enjoy the video and good luck getting romantic!

6 thoughts on “Octopus Love – I Was Meant To Be Asian

  1. I’ve been to the restaurant before. Don’t go! Last time at Tara I counted no less than 4 guys in Hawaiian shirts, 2 smelly foreigners, 1 prostitute, quite a few artistic chicks with low self esteem, a bunch of fat chicks, some manual laborers, and a mexican. In other words: a recipe for sex me up nasty. Terrible service. No selection. Expensive as hell. Unfortunately no one showed me their fun box. The prostitute did make some money doing the cook.I hope your experience is a little better. I doubt it though.


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