Tara Restaurant – Upper Black Eddy

Three things from the weekend:

#1 – Tara restaurant in Upper Black Eddy (my review)

This restaurant is in a very remote area.  It was only about 10 minutes from Frenchtown, but probably about 45 minutes away from most people.  You drive along River Road until you get into the town of Upper Black Eddy (which really isn’t a town, it’s just a cluster of houses near a bridge).  Once you pass the cluster of houses, there’s one last road you can turn onto before River Road plods along all the way to Easton.  That last road to turn down is called Bridgeton Hill Road and it takes you up a very serious windy hill that you’d never want to ride your bicycle up.  Once you approach the top of the hill, slow down and look for a long driveway with a stone columns, one column subtly says, Tara. 

You walk up to the front door and it’s locked.  There’s no doorbell, just a big brass knocker thing that I was just about to whack against the door when it was opened by a nice Italian man dressed in black.  The restaurant was beautiful, the mansion that houses the restaurant is beautiful, the fireplace was lit, and without asking who we were, he seated us, lit candles on the chandelier that hung above us and made pleasant small talk.  We asked for some red wine and he came back with two big glasses and a piece of paper with the menu printed on it. 

The menu offered a challenge, it wasn’t broken down into the standard appetizers and main courses, it had all kinds of things in Italian.  There was a couple items under a section called, “Primo”, a couple items under a section called, “Antipasto”, and a third area that started with a P, and that doesn’t even count the soups and salad sections.  I explained to the host that I had no idea how to order and he gave us a good roadmap.  He suggested that Jaclyn and I split an item from the Antipasto section or from the Primo section, then each of us could order a salad and a main course (which is the section that started with a P, I’ve also seen the main course section called Secundo). 

The food was incredible, we enjoyed every bite, the service was non-intrusive but always available and the food came out nice and hot.  The portions were on the large side, but we had no trouble finishing it, we just loved it.  If you ever go there, do not hesitate to ask about items on the menu, a lot of them are written in Italian or have cryptic names, like I ordered the Florentina, which was a steak done in the style of how steak is prepared in Florence, Italy, I would have never known if the waiter did not explain. 

My only problem with that place was that it is too fancy and ornate.  It’s the kind of place that you have to be on your best behavior and where you speak in your quiet voice, while the staff and atmosphere are terrific, the other people dining seemed pretty stuffy.  Given the choice, I’d probably go to a place where I can be a little more boisterous and where I am not worrying too much about using the proper utensils, but that’s more of a problem with me than a problem with Tara.

#2 – www.rkdeemreport.com Redesign
I have been mulling the possibility of redesigning the RKDeem Report website (not the blog).  Any suggestions for content?

#3 – Public Service Announcement
The left lane on a highway is not for people who are going the speed limit.  The left lane is not for people going 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit, the left lane is for people who are driving like a bat out of hell.  If you are going 5-10 miles per hour over the speed limit and need to get into the left lane to pass someone, you can do it, but get back into the middle or right lane immediately after passing someone.  I always assume that people know about the left lane but then I encounter some idiot there blocking traffic.

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