Statistics Don’t Lie, But Liars Use Statistics

Here’s just a couple things that I want to get off my chest:

  1. I don’t care if it’s Obama, Hilary, or McCain, anyone is better than Bush
  2. After 9/11 there was footage of crazy people in the Middle East celebrating, there’s KKK rallies still in the US, and all around the world there is a small percentage of wacky hateful people, but I really think that most of us want peace and happiness.
  3. Why in the world does the US spend so much money on the military?  Are we pissing the world off so much that this is justified?  If so, maybe we should start investing more in apologies and solutions and just make the world a less volatile place.   I got this chart from an interesting website, go ahead, call me a hippy! 
  4. Lost is the greatest TV show ever.  Never in my life have I paid so much attention to every word and every background detail.  There’s been several episodes where I DVR the show and then pause scenes about 65 times so I can really examine stuff (Jacob’s Cabin)
  5. Lost might end up being the most annoying show of all time if it has a crappy ending, like if it was a dog’s dream or something.
  6. Yesterday, I drove by the Neshaminy Creek, it was frozen over.  It reminded me of a time that Dave and I walked down to the Neshaminy Creek and saw a ton of big carp swimming around under a rock ledge we were standing on.  We went back to his house and grabbed our rods (fishing rods you perverts!), we went back to the spot, dropped our lines, and they fell with a thud on top of the ice, the ice was so clear we never saw it.  Fishing was not meant to be that day.

That’s all I have for today, my life is in some weird holding pattern at the moment, but it’s all good, something’s bound to shake things up one way or another…soon.

3 thoughts on “Statistics Don’t Lie, But Liars Use Statistics

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