General Manager

Yesterday I got to stay at home thanks to about 6 inches of snow.  My typical commute to Parsippany lasts about 1 hour and 15 minutes.  On a day when I leave real early or real late, I can get there in just under an hour, on days where I hit the heaviest rush hour, it can take 2 hours, and on a snowy day like yesterday, it takes about 3 hours.  So I was very happy when work was canceled. 

I ended up being pretty busy at home though, we have a big video shoot coming up for our product and we needed to get the script finalized and approved so we could get it into the teleprompters on Monday so every thing would be ready when we actual make the video on Tuesday.  I had to track down the brand manager who’s based in Switzerland, but was traveling for business and was in London.  Once we got her buy in, I had to get the head of regulatory affairs to approve the script, he was in Jersey.  Since we had a snow day, my whole team was scattered across Jersey and New York.  And during all of this craziness, Winston was keeping everything in perspective by banging on the TV, randomly yelling, and trying to dislodge my cell phone from my ear.  Script was approved by noon and it was time to spend some “quality time” with the fam (the cool way to refer to your family is “the fam”).

We bundled Winston up into a snow suit and got him situated into his hot red sports car and took a cruise through Frenchtown.  Our destination was the IGA Supermarket where we picked up some Smart Balance (it’s funny, I have no idea what the benefits of Smart Balance are, but I just take their word for it, I am an easily influenced consumer, they could put “Drink this and it will make you a genius” on a can of Coors Light and I’d just assume they were telling the truth), Tostidos with a Hint of Lime, Salsa, and a Gallon of Iced Tea. 

So softball season is coming up.  We need to order jerseys.  I’m the manager of the team and I have actually been a little worried about my team this year.  Last year we lost 75% of our games across a 24 game stretch.  We were demoralized and some people left our team (one person almost moved to North Caroline because of the whole ordeal!).  I’ve always been pretty laid back with the softball thing, but it just wasn’t fun losing all the time, it wasn’t horrible either, I’d take playing a losing game of softball over shoe shopping at the Montgomeryville Mall, but I don’t want to lose 75% of our games this year.  I want to improve.  As general manager, I have been thinking of ideas on how to make the team improve and ran a couple ideas by Jaclyn on our walk.  One idea that generated violent opposition from Jaclyn was the idea that the Bulldogs needed team showers.  I think this is how she responded to the idea of a Bulldog team shower, “it would mess up your friendships, play on the field, and all around lives”.  It got me thinking, team showers are really weird, or maybe we’re weird for being so uncomfortable in them. 

I remember on the high school football team, we utilized the team showers a lot because you were so disgusting after a game or practice, you couldn’t put your regular clothes back on until you showered.  There was several instances where players received a lot of inspection and scrutiny for weird rashes, abnormalities, and general deviations from the ideal body type.  There was one kid who was pretty much anonymous before the football locker room, but emerged as a golden god because he was well endowed, I am sure the locker room shower has changed many lives.

2 thoughts on “General Manager

  1. We have a family shower for me and my mom and dad. Who else can you really trust to shower with you other than your family? They make sure I know how to wash all of the proper places. Sometimes my Dad pulls dried up poopie out of my butt.


  2. Girl You Rock! Your family has such great ideas.I think I’ll do my next concert in a community shower. All unplugged. The acoustics in a group shower are out of this world. Maybe you and your Dad could actually shower in the background during one of the songs and I’ll perform Singing in the Rain!


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