Fishing the Delaware River – Milford & Upper Black Eddy

Here it comes, the first fishing tutorial from Robert Deem.  I know that most of my readers could care less about fishing, but if anyone ever wants to go on a nice relaxing float trip down the Delaware with me, I’d love to take you and I guarantee that you catch fish. 

The above map is a picture of the Delaware River from the Milford/Upper Black Eddy Bridge.  This is the town just north of Frenchtown.  I have placed numbers on the map to show you my preferred spots:

1.  Whenever our raft floats through the center pillars of this bridge, we will almost always catch a fish.  It’s pretty deep here (relative to the other parts of the river here), about 9 or 10 feet deep.  It has decent current and big eddies that form behind the pillars, we’ve caught smallmouth bass, striped bass, and catfish here.

2.  Tiny island, really shallow water and fast current.  It’s a great spot, but you are drifting so fast, you’ll only get one or two casts, so make them good.  Cast your lure or bait about two feet from the island.  Smallmouth are plentiful here.

3.  This is a bigger island and there’s enough worthwhile spots here to actually park your raft, canoe, or kayak (this water is way too shallow for a boat with a motor).  The current is still very strong here and it’s pretty shallow.  Lots of overhanging brush that provide nice ambush opportunities for bass, cast your lure or bait so it drifts through those ambush zones.  The eddy behind the island and the Pennsylvania side are not very good spots, focus your attention on the Jersey side of the island.

4.  This island is the exception, stay on the PA side of this island.  The current really rips through here and there’s some much brush, you can’t park your boat, you need to drift really close to the island and throw your bait as close to the brush without getting snagged. 

The next fishing map will start from the bottom of this map and we’ll work our way down to Lambertville by the time we’re done. 

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