In Dedication To David Seeton

We received a package from Dave yesterday, it contained a couple CDs, a DVD, and a Bob Dylan t-shirt for Winston.  The t-shirt says, “Times They Are A Changin” and it’s funky and kind of psychedelic like Milton Glaser’s famous portrait of him. 

One of the CDs was a mix CD titled “No Time”.  It was a really mellow mix that took me back to the days where Dave and I used to go to the Moose in Doylestown after all the other bars closed at 2AM.  We’d hang out at the Moose from 2AM to 4AM on a lot of Friday and Saturday nights.  They had a jukebox filled with hidden gems from off the beaten path artists.  I guess you could say the jukebox was for music snobs, but for most of the people hanging out at the Moose at 3AM, music was about all we had, so we took it pretty seriously. 

As Jaclyn came into the picture, the Moose faded out.  The weird thing about the Moose was, we weren’t at the bar in the early morning to get drunk or to find chicks, we just weren’t content with sleeping.  We played this pool game where everyone in the bar would put in $1 to play this game called 3-Ball.  To win 3-Ball, you’d have to sink 3 balls in the least amount of shots.  I never won, but Dave won a lot.  The Moose was the only bar that I’d ever been to where the patrons really admired outstanding pool players.  Dave had a lot of street cred at the Moose.  I sucked at pool and wasn’t officially a member, Dave was a member and a great pool player, he was Batman and I was Robin. 

Anyways, the music was mellow and a lot of times depressing, but it wasn’t depressing to be there, it was more reflective than anything.  It was like the opposite of church, but strangely similar. 

It was great to hear the CD and some great new music discovered off the Pacific Coast Highway.

Thanks for the package, the shirt will fit Winston perfectly, he’s getting big.

6 thoughts on “In Dedication To David Seeton

  1. I figured I should write something before anyone else decides to use my name as their own little false confession alias.I thought that the shirt was perfect for Winston. It had Deem written all over it. I just wish they had adult sizes so that I could have spread the wealth. That can mean only one thing, the rest of you chumps need to get your groove on and start making babies!The mystery mix was sent to all of you without a playlist attached on purpose. I will be posting said list on my blog probably later today. But I wanted to see what kind of reaction you’d have to it without knowing anything about what it may or may not contain. I enjoy the depression factor in a lot of music, especially recently. The next mix will be more in the lines of getting ready to go out, because that’s where I’ll be in my life. I created the mix on New Years Day, which whether you caught it or not, was not my most triumphant day. I’m glad you enjoyed it, though. I certainly did. It was the only mix in my car for about 2 months straight.I think that leaving the moose, and the town of its location, when I did was the greatest decision I have ever made. The moose was a great place to go where I always had a fantastic time, but it’s a place where time stops. No one cares about how much money you have, your desire to reach some level of success, or how well you can fit into the real world. That was part of it’s charm, as well as the downfall that most patrons would come to know.I am going to try to send something out at least once a month to the gang. Rob, you will probably get a hair more because of the Jaclyn and Winston. How about that as an incentive to get your woman pregnant!? Peace out bitches. You are missed.XX00


  2. Rob, What is up with the picture for this post, could you have taken a photo of the shirt, or at least a photo of the cd? Anyway, Jac just gave me the link to your blog. Shanna and I love it. We are looking forward to seeing you guys again soon. You have very attractive legs.-Matt


  3. This is an old photo, it’s actually taken by Dave. It’s his legs and I have to agree, they are top notch!Great to have you on the site. There’s a lot of really random and somewhat offensive comments on the site, I denounce those comments, but don’t necessarily reject them (a little Barack humor!)


  4. Roomie… is that you??? As I keep getting friend requests on facebook from people I knew in college and high school I wondered if you were on it… no such luck… but I should’ve known you were too much of a free spirit to conform to a thing like facebook 🙂 So I tried googling… success, I think… thanks to Rob Deem (who has the cutest kids!). I don’t have any kids, just horses for now, hopefully that’s enough to hear how you’re doing. Anyway if this is you I hope you are well and enjoying life, last I heard from my sister you were living in sunny CA, nice!


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