3 Sheets To The Wind

Last night we were all wondering the origin of the phrase, “3 sheets to the wind”. 

This is what I found on members.aol.com/MorelandC/HaveOriginsData.htm

Three sheets to the wind


Meaning: Very drunk, highly intoxicated
Example:  The groom made it to the alter, but was three sheets to the wind.
The phrase comes from 18th-19th century English Naval terminology.  The original phrase was “three Sheets in the wind” and referred tp tje erratic behavior of a ship that has lost control of all of its sails. 

In nautical terminology sheets are the ropes that adjust the position of the sails relative to the wind. 

The speed and direction of a sailing ship is controlled by the number of sails raised on each mast, the angle of the sails to the wind (trim of the sails), and the position of the rudder.  If the sheets used to control the sails are to break or are have been released, the sheet is said to be “in the wind”.

Prior to the 1810’s it was common for ships to have three masts.  If the sheets for all three masts are “in the wind”, the ship loses all steering control.  The ships lack of control is related to a stumbling drunk.

*                    *                  *                         *
The Edman had the great idea of getting the gang together for a night out at Big Heads in Plumbsteadville.  We picked this bar because it’s typically not crowded and they have amazing mini-burgers (sliders) and the best wings I’ve ever tasted.  We got to the bar and there was just a couple of people hanging out, they had a TV watching Versus (formerly the Outdoor Channel) and it was a show about these hunters tracking a huge elephant.  To my amazement, they got about 100 yards away from the big elephant and shot it, the enormous creature collapsed onto the ground, they ran up to it and shot it again.  It was horrible and amazing, I had no idea people were still allowed to shoot elephants. 

Shortly after the elephant was shot down, the Flyers came on and things started to pick up.  We asked for some menus to we could order some of the best bar food on this side of the Mississippi, but we were told that the kitchen was closed until March (it’s our luck that we came during a leap year!).  We negotiated with the bartender and she agreed to let us have Pizza Hut deliver food to the bar and that ended up being an excellent alternative. 

So, a couple of days ago, I received a package from Dave with a mix CD, at the bar, Ed brought Andy a mix CD and Jay brought Ed a mix CD, and he also gave me a copy of his mix CD.  All of us were receiving or exchanging CDs, it was really weird, I felt like, well…I’m not sure how I felt about it, but it was pretty weird. 

Jay’s CD was awesome.  You can tell the guy’s about to get married to the girl of his dreams.  All the songs are upbeat and he even threw in some corny old songs that epitomize infatuation.  I loved the old soul songs and the cover of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” (I did not like this cover as much as the original, but the original is one of my favorite songs ever).  He also threw in “She’s a Rainbow” by the Rolling Stones, another one of my all-time favorites.  The CD introduced me to some new stuff, including a wild rap song sung by a kid obsessed with violence, I loved it. 

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to make a CD for Laurie and I actually put two of them together.  I finished the CDs and then fell asleep for 6 hours in the middle of the day, I was exhausted and the CDs were pretty mellow, borderline depressing.  Anyways, that crazy rap song on Jay’s CD in combination with the great African elephant hunt has me pumped to make a CD with a ghetto tribal feel, afro beats and gun shots.  I’ll have to listen to it in my car away from Winston, it will be my guilty pleasure this Spring. 

If anyone’s interested in getting a copy, just let me know.  I’m not going to force it out because I suspect it will be somewhat abrasive and it won’t be right for everyone. 

49 thoughts on “3 Sheets To The Wind

  1. I definitely want a copy of your African Tribe Hunting Elephant mix. By the way, I loved the Delaware River fishing entry. Looking forward to getting the lowdown on the rest of the float. It kinda brought me back to the days when we were mapping out the farm pond.


  2. Oh nevermind. You too stupid dorky for mua. You have money no? But you scare me. I slut but no that slut. Mr. Robert are you still able?


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