On and On Until the Break of Dawn

It’s been a crazy week.  I had interviews with 3 different companies on Monday, I met with 1 company on Tuesday, but interviewed with 4 people, and I have a big interview in Princeton today where I’ll be meeting with 4 people.  All in all, the interviews are going well.  I have some great leads and I’ve made it past the initial round with multiple companies.  I’m still hoping that all of this is resolved by month’s end. 

The front runners are located in the following 3 locations:

  1. Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia
  2. In Horsham on Horsham Road
  3. Princeton

All 3 of these locations are pretty cool and 2 of the 3 would offer a much easier commute.  If I worked in Philly, I’d take the train which help cut down my carbon footprint. 

Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me.

On the softball front, we start out with a double header on March 30th, that’s just a little over a week away!  It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.  I ordered great jerseys and I’ll post a picture of me modeling it when they arrive. 

I really expected my time off to be more of a vacation, but it’s been pretty hectic with all the interviews (7 companies this week). 

I managed to watch American Gangster last night.  I thought the movie was excellent because it was based on a true story.  But it doesn’t come close to The Departed.  I’d take The Departed over American Gangster any day.  Right now as I type, Winston is grabbing DVDs off the shelves and throwing them all over our living room. 

Speaking of Winston, the other day he picked up my Xbox headset and put it on my head, then he grabbed my controller and handed it to me.  My wife said that it is an indication that I may play too much, but I saw it as a sign that he wanted me to play more.

6 thoughts on “On and On Until the Break of Dawn

  1. Rob!! I would like to offer you a job! How about an exclusive DVD featuring you in my next Girls Gone Wild series called “Rob Gone Fired!”We could have you topless in an office setting. Making copies with only your boxers on. Flashing skin at your co-workers in the break room and then showing up at the unemployment office with your nips hanging out.What do you say? The pay is great!Love ya, JOE


  2. Where’s everybody been? I’m starting to feel lonely. I can only go so long without male compainonship. I’m wearing the cutest little push up bra today. And nothing else.


  3. i would like to post my review of jays cd he made for some of us. I think the name of the cd was “I think the last song cuts off early” i’m looking forward to hearing what songs other people liked too. did Hot kelly get a copy of the cd? 1. R+J – sounds great. they didn’t put a spin on it but its nice to see dire straits get some love. it sounds exactly like the DS version. is that good though? thoughts? 2. it gives me that loving life feeling of an irish bar song. it made me want to clap my hands and stamp my feet and i felt festive. BUT on the downside it reminds me a little too much of cotton eyed joe which i hate. 3. california stars – wilco blowin up a little more each year. snl a couple weeks ago.4. long time coming. i like the song. i don’t have the original so i’ll have to get that too. Penelope Whitmore’s dad own the rights to the original.5. benny and the jets. i love this version as long as i don’t have to listen to it everyday. i’m not always into comedy type songs. this is like half way between trying to be a cover and trying to be funny so it works. the fact that we know the actual tune makes it sound like a real song so you wouldn’t recognize the craziness of it unless you are paying attention. and i think about the video of that dude’s other song where he is at the piano with a goofy wig on and he has his tongue out like half retarded. this is how i picture rob sounding and looking if he performed this song. 6. stones rule. end of story7.i’m not sure i like this song. i’m not sure i dislike it either. i think i’ll get sick of it real quick. 8. ain’t too proud to beg. good pick.9. give me something to believe… i like it.10.tossin and turnin salad. great pick! a lost gem.11. lets dance. another oldie gem that i’ve missed out on. 12. we rule the world… neat. i like it. I’ll probably get sick of it but I can always come back to it every once in a while, like a weezer song. i also like to think they keep spelling out HIV over and over again. i could see Hurley performing this song at talent night on the island.13. its fine.14. i dig it. i like how he shoots the guy dead to take care of the situation. i don’t know who this is or anything but it sounds like something roses sister would listen to 25 times in a row with her black friends. am i right? 15. i like it more than a friend. 16. i bet moose blasts this in his car as he drives past the GAP and B. Maxwells. some of the mordern songs that i didn’t know were catchy and i liked them but they probably won’t stand the test of time for me. good mix of throw backs and new stuff and it built from slower to dancy oldies to some hip hoppy as the party picks up and the people start grinding. no songs that i hate, though song #7 will be on that list in the future, bastards.give me 6.5 out of 10. 5 is average. 8 is great. so this is better than most but not quite something to tell your cousins about.


  4. I like the review by Eddie. I like that you reviewed the CD without knowing any of the bands or artists. Recently I’ve been finding a bunch of great songs from commercials, movies, and random articles. I love it! I’m not here to dispute Eddie’s rating of 6.5/10, but I love this CD. I gave it out to a few people and have heard nothing but positive feedback. Its has a good mix of old and new, original and covers, fast and slow, and folksy and rock.1. (Killers) First time I ever heard this song, so it wasn’t until Eddie texted me that I found out it was a cover. I like the lyrics.2. (All I Want is You) Song I found on the Juno soundtrack. Nice “I love you” lyrics, but this song is better left for shuffle.3. (California Stars) This is the closing song from the movie “King of California”. You give Jeff Tweedy a good beat and the song is GOLD! Even if this song didn’t mention California, it would make me think of California.4. (A Change is Gonna Come) Once again, didn’t know this blues song was a cover until Rob texted me.5. (Bennie and the Jets) I agree with Eddie, a novelty song by Biz Markie and the Beastie Boys. You can’t understand a single word from this moosh mouth character.6. (She’s a Rainbow) Heard this old Stone’s song from a commercial. AWESOME!!!!7. (Daddy’s Eyes) I can’t believe that Eddie would get sick of this song. It’s a sweet song from a Daddy to his little girl. When the chorus busts out, I get pumped.8. (Ain’t to Proud to Beg) Just a great Oldies song.9. (Believe) This was discovered thanks to John Madden.10. (Tossin’ Turnin’) I was looking for some Oldies, looked for the Animal House Soundtrack on iTunes with no luck. Anyway, one thing led to another to get this song.11. (Let’s Dance) Macy’s commercial. It’s a stupid commercial where a bunch of adults left a kid stand on the kitchen table and step on a birthday cake. Who does that?12. (T.H.E.H.I.V.E.S.) I put this song on the CD because I like it, I also realize it’s best left on shuffle, but Dave reviewed this CD and decided to call this song out and bad mouth it. I think it’s catchy, in small doses. 13. (Chelsea Digger) Cool beat, lead singer has a cool voice, and it’s just fun. I got this song from a Nike running mix.14. (Wake Up Call) Maroon 5 might be borderline Pop, but this guy is straight out of Compton. You sleep with his woman, even if he hasn’t been treating her the best, your dead anyway!!!!!15. (Flathead) I got this song off that same running mix. I guess Nike just doesn’t know only sports.16. (Little Weapon) The chorus is a little annoying, but the words are cool.


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