Loose Ends

I was so excited about the prospects of a new job, I forgot to mention the origins of April Fools Day. 

Every explanation seems pretty complex, so I will try to sum it up.  From 45 BC to 1582 AD, people utilized the Julian calendar.  The Julian calendar slated April 1st as the New Year.  In 1582, people started to adapt the Gregorian calendar which slated January 1st as the New Year.  During the transition from Julian to Gregorian calendars, people would commemorate the old New Years of April 1st with gag gifts and invitations to fake parties. 

You almost feel bad for April 1st, it used to be the beginning of a new year and now it’s just a day full of pranks. 

What’s new with the mighty Deem you ask? 

Well, not a whole lot.  I’m doing a little bit of negotiating with that company to hammer out some minor details about health insurance.  For those of you who don’t know, health insurance really adds up when you are married and with a child.  It seems obvious, but your health insurance more than triples when you cover your wife and child.  The good news is that the health insurance plateaus at one child, you can have as many kids as you like and it won’t go up incrementally. 

This Sunday, my softball team The Bulldogs has a double header real early in the morning.  But next Sunday, we have a game at 12:45PM at Schaefer field in Southampton, PA.  I encourage many people to show up and root us on.  We’re playing a team from Philadelphia who is very good.  Afterwards, we’ll have a cook out right next to the field. 

4 thoughts on “Loose Ends

  1. I can’t believe I was just in a car accident…how come when I pee my pants they call it accident? When I really meant to do it?Why do they call them brakes when they don’t stop your car?…Where’s Kramer? Probably yelling at some minorites. Why do they call them minorites when some of them are so huge? I mean there’s nothing “minor” about a 6 foot 7 black guy. Hello Newman…


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