2001: A Space Odyssey

One of my projects that I’ve been working on over the last couple of years is to watch the American Film Institute’s top 100 films of all time.  There’s a great mix of old and new movies and in general, the movies have been fantastic.  One of the movies that I had not seen until last night was 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick. 

Here’s how I would describe the experience.  The whole time I wanted to fast forward but I was afraid I would miss something.  After finishing the movie, I realized I could have watched the whole thing in fast forward and not really missed anything.  The movie is broken into 4 parts, here’s how I summarize them:

Part 1 – 30 minutes watching monkies run around, this part climaxes when monkey figures out how to use a bone as a tool

Part 2 – 30 minutes of watching men in space and spaceships floating around in space

Part 3 – We find out that the spaceship the main character is in is run by a super computer named HAL 9000.  HAL 9000 is the best part of the movie, he’s a diabolic villain who tries to kill the entire crew on board.  I might recommend watching the movie just so you can meet HAL 9000.

Part 4 – This was freaking weird, it was about 15 minutes of traveling through a weird space, it reminds me of the Windows visualizer of music, it’s a psychedelic trip through space with horribly irritating noise that sounds like Radiohead played backwards.  Then the journey ends and you’re in a room.  I don’t want to ruin the ending, but I will anyways.  First you see the main character astronaut in the room, then you see an old version of him, then you see an older version of him on a bed, then you see a floating fetus in space.  The end. 

I know there’s some deep stuff going on in this movie and I love deep stuff, but this movie just didn’t move fast enough for me, I would have been better off reading the book. 

In other news:  THE BULLDOGS WON BOTH GAMES OF THEIR DOUBLE HEADER TODAY!!!!  We’re heading into the bar-b-que weekend with some momentum.  We’d love to see you at our game on Sunday, come one, come all!  

7 thoughts on “2001: A Space Odyssey

  1. I saw Space Odessy a while ago and had the same impression you did. I’ve “heard” that it’s much better when you watch it high. Whether your a brother or whether you’re a mother you’re staying alive. That’s all the movie is trying to say.


  2. Damn I was so happy when I figured out how to make those bones useful. Don’t make it sound like I’m some kind dummy or something. It’s a good movie. See everyone at the bar-b-que.


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