Feeling A Little Sick

Winston was getting a bath right before his bedtime and the thought of slipping out the door for work tomorrow morning while he was waking up made me sick to my stomach.  He’s been so much fun to hang out with for the past month, we’ve been going to the park, taking long walks, and frequenting the local eateries (most notably the pizzeria on the corner).  I guess the hardest part is that I can’t really explain to him why I won’t be here tomorrow.  I told him anyways, but he just laughed and drooled, I think he’ll be fine. 

For the first time in months, I heard a new song that I really enjoyed.   It’s called, “Frankie’s Gun!” by the Felice Brothers.  It sounds like Bob Dylan, but with more collaborative beats and harmonies, and the lyrics are closer to Springsteen than Dylan.   Listen to it, you’ll tap your foot.  I listened to several other songs on iTunes (just the 30 second samples) and I thought “Frankie’s Gun!” was the only one worth buying, but you can be the judge. 

We lost our game this Sunday, but the bar-b-que was quite a success.  Thanks to all who brought fabulous foods, beverages, and the foresight to bring along trash and recycling bags. 

I’ll be pretty busy the next couple days with the new job, but I’ll let you know how its going as soon as possible.

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